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Where you could wear a Salvador Dali been seeing that and thinking of how dumb it is that it's called money highs? How many other types of Heis are there? Well there's there's like back maybe like an art heist or actually now that I think about it. There's a lot of other highest as jewelry is all right but still there's three Types of is there's a time heist. I'm Heinz Steal People's time. No it's from a vendor's endgame whalers oops ruined it. You saw him game. Might didn't oh you didn't now I I don't care that's fine. Oh okay I think I think I remember the plot. I think someone told it to me anyway. twenty-six movies moment in the one word time time heist yes to a big old time highest anyway so fuck. I had a thought and I'm highs has gone. Oh yeah no go on a tangent about money heist but it's a Spanish series. So if you see get in in in Spanish this is called custody propel or House of paper which is a much cooler name than money heist. I don't know who was translated paper paper house. I don't know it's kind of a dumb name to was better than fucking money. Heist there. That's that's true at least like some sort of like like figurative nece in it. Yeah it's like okay fucking like breaking bad drug teacher man pick yes exactly that so anyway but also if you listen if you watch it and you hear dubbed English it's fucking awful 'cause they try and say stuff so that it matches how the lips are moving but the intonation is off and everything just sounds really stupid. So you're saying we should watch. The Spanish was meant to be heard. No we need to redouble it for them. Yes that's exactly what I was going to say who've UK over there all right Vertigo. For a second not been started started a musical interlude. Money is okay so any other advice for this person for stop smiling around their crush now just get pounded until the ambulance comes staying alive. The best advice of our entire show get pounded cal. Well well the ambulance is GonNa come but make sure you come to because it has been known for being selfish lovers those ambulances which brings brings us back to the inspirer brought all circle jerk yum. mm-hmm okay now those. I think we're I think we're done a smiley league girl he has. I think we're done with Grin Grin Grin Grin in situation. So let's let's close it up boys. Let's put this one in a syllable bag for so it doesn't go bad and end expire. Yeah has fast anyway. So we're GONNA close it off with some plugs and closing remarks so thank you guys for listening. If you've listened this foreign haven't left a review yet pleased. Do we thrive on reviews. Anthony is actually GonNa die if he doesn't give reviews. Yeah and need a transfusion daily Anthony has a long inlet law Latin long thing or something so give him reviews. Follow us on twitter at Hyperbole pod instagram at hyperbole podcast. If you have a question email us at ask us anything at Hyperbole PODCAST DOT COM or you can ask us a question live on anchor. He download the anchor APP on our podcast page. Click message and you can leave us a recorded message. Anything you WANNA plug Don't like the way lead with that question No no I don't WanNa play anyone or anything. I'm okay Eric. Is there anything you WANNA plug. Do you have any shows coming up or anything. No shows right now but you can catch me live on podcasts. Such as hyperbole. And if you haven't heard that yet just start this file from the beginning. Yeah so moving on to shout outs Eric. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much pleasure. Lot of pounding and balls and that type stuff so they Larisa or the question. Thank you choke cleaned. BJ Jj positively Wolf One and thank you shout out to the WGM podcast. Listen to it fans if you haven't already thank you Chad. Selena Selena Tim Greta and everyone else would we love you all and thank you Lonzo Ball. Yes big big balls better business bureau balls big balls Bolland big pollen falls. Thank you everybody and good night. We'll talk to you next week. Bye Bye verbally..

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