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To 78 Grow another record in a busy hurricane season. Lisa Brady Fox News, the latest tropical storm just born in the Eastern Atlantic, even as parts of the Gulf Coast remain underwater from Hurricane Sally. Boxes. Evan Brown has more live. At least the damage assessments and power restoration continues along the Gulf Coast, especially in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Some estimates of power outages were greater than 400,000. And now there is a new storm named a named Wilfred. It's a low pressure system off the coast of Africa. It is the last name in the 2020 list for Atlantic hurricanes. A depression in the Gulf of Mexico, with potential to threaten Texas is likely to become tropical Storm Alfa at some point, whether in Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island. Three years ago. The White House says FEMA will award nearly $13 billion for infrastructure work, including on the energy grid. Remember the energy and power grid there in Puerto Rico was really horrible shape. Before Maria came in and literally wipe the entire thing out boxes. John Roberts at the White House. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is skeptical of the timing, suggesting it's political ahead of the November election. Last week, the president issued a disaster declaration from Puerto Rico over damage from Hurricane Zaius. For now, a proposed partnership between Oracle and TIC Tac parent company Bite Dance remains under review so millions of Americans who use it or another Chinese owned APP. Face new restrictions beginning this weekend on Sunday. Both we chat and talk will be deep platforms in the United States, the Commerce Department's director of policy Robert Blair's is that means No. One in the U. S. We able to will be able to download those abs or updates for them to their phones. He says That band could be reversed if the Oracle deal is approved. The Trump administration hasn't said yet if it's enough to address security concerns. America is listening to Fox News. Reliable, dependable. If it matters to you, we've got it covered. Now your top local stories are on twin cities. News talk dot com Minnesota News Network. I'm Tasha Raedle, President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are both set to visit Minnesota Friday, and Carlton College political expert Stephen Sheer says you can determine if a state is really up for grabs by the behavior of candidates. If you get a lot of candidates and their surrogates visiting a state, that means that state is highly competitive police chief Madaya Redondo is sharing his long term strategic reform plans. In initiatives on public safety. Arredondo met with Minneapolis City Council members Tuesday. The discussion of the future of policing in the city was started by the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day. The chief and council members spent two hours talking about current crime and the ways to handle violence. City Council member Jeremiah Ellison says it seems money is poured into the situation but not having an effect. $5000 reward is being offered for information about the shooting suspect who wounded a doctor outside any Dina hospital. The suspect who was trying to rob the 45 year old physician is still at large. The doctor's name hasn't been released, but hospital officials say he's in good condition and is recovering at home. Aman Kato woman accused of spitting on a deputy and another person outside a Trump rally, is facing a felony charge. 27 year old Sean Tay Allyn is charged with assaulting an officer and disorderly conduct. This is Emma Nen coming up Monday morning on Justice Andrew Audio in reaction to the Duelling presidential candidate visits, starting with Sam Stop 56 20 points of the Vikings. Paul Allen joins us for a Viking's colts recap it 7 55 and Senate candidate Jason Lewis at a 40 Justice Andrew Live and local 6 to 9. Twin Cities News Talk green, Very grand. Very high. Peter Harris for Grain Berry. I'm shopping for groceries, right? Now and yes, I'm wearing a mask. You know, the cereal aisle can be so very.

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