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I mean, there will position to be the only thing that kind of prevents me from writing them right into the chimps you've given turns getting home feel their business tough. So having to play the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers could be tough on them. Whereas the Rams don't have to play that tough in division. Schedule could give them opportunity went home field. But we've seen their home field. The Rams don't feel is not quite light. What the saints game when they play to don't two games with the Panthers to finish up the season there in the last few weeks. We'll be we'll be interesting to their last three games against the Panthers. So that'd go a long way in deciding that division. Hi, buck. What are you gonna next? Andrew luck is back. Lot wide open. In the end zone. Touchdown touchdown. A twelve yard fast wide open. What's Eric Hebron? That's his third touchdown in the whole leaf twenty two seven. Hey, man, look, Frank regular is a personal friend of former teammate. But never in my wildest dreams that I think that he could get this team back on track based on what they had on paper. The fact that they're sitting at four and five Andrew luck is playing at a very high level despite coming back from an injury and the way that they're doing. It is more remarkable to me. We've talked about on this podcast multiple times, it they need to be able to run the ball to take care of the football Levy someone to pressure. Well, I'm looking at twenty three for eighty one rushing yards. That's not enough to necessarily offset it, but what they found. They are using the tied in and throwing the ball in the middle of field to control the game. Three tight ends. Eric ibran? Mo- alley Cox, and then Jake Doyle those guys can buy for eight receptions, Eric Ebro had three touchdowns touchdowns reception. Didn't he had a little reverse four touchdown? But they are finding the way to create mismatches by Br. Bringing in these run heavy sets and attacking your base defense because they have better athletes at tight in. Then you do at linebacker and safety. And I just love the way they're doing it. And they're able to not only max protect Andrew luck. Sometimes they also able to get the ball out quick. And on defense..

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