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Wow. And I've got some great videos. I made with that too. One of which is titled smoking in the playground. Think things were different back. Then weren't they? Yeah. What we can get away with. It's a candy bar phone. It's beautiful. So I have a holiday Rory story. Can I tell it? Absolutely. All right. So is your show. I can't. You could you could stop me. I'm not going to how about now how about now how about now how about ROY story till you holiday ROY star. Exactly. So here's the story. I'm not gonna name names. But back in the day of when Rory and I did the show together. Fifty to a hundred the shows were two hours long. Right. They we did two interviews per show, and we only had like one or two shows per week. I can't remember. So it wasn't warn producing a lot of content. But we also, you know, did the Google weirdos thing, and we did some music occasionally, we kinda like variety show. This is before we branched off into Monday's. And we got a shall we say a very senior person at Microsoft who was a fan of hours for dot net. Right to line up an interview with a couple of executives, and this person at Microsoft said now, I want you to be respectful, and you know, no off color humor. Be you know, professional about this. Okay. Yes. Right. I said, except I forgot to tell you. Wouldn't have mattered now. He's. These guys are on the phone on hold waiting for us to get to their interview. And it's time for Google weirdos. And I was like oh God. I totally forgot. Oh, man. A guy. I hope I hope I hope this is going to be okay. The first one. So. And of course, you can set it up, ROY. What is Google weirdos? Exactly. Well, I run a website called Neo Polian dot com. That's any oh PEO L E O N dot.

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