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Are also buying the end it wanna wait sixty nine and gold fourteen sixty six forty one Troy ounce so that's a that's a look at the data and not some really interesting breaking news lines coming through from I also the international AB at transfer disassociation cussing is two thousand nineteen airline industry profit full cost two point one billion to twenty five point nine billion dollars of the cutting it by two billion dollars that profit for cost of twenty five point nine billion dollars at the things that sight seeing the the defects that citing trade wars slowing global growth both of those perhaps link but they said the site both of them and that that is interesting and and and and on the day where you see it at the the European Commission taking action or any setting out the blueprint for a call when you try to call me by twenty fifty you got that starts to raise questions about who's going to pay you to make the aviation industry more green essentially it's a you know a lot of head winds perhaps for that industry at this point in breaking he's coming through that from the aviation industry let's talk about oil let's talk about yeah the world's biggest company on its first day of trading Saudi Aramco this morning popped ten percent this limit up in Riyadh it's now the world's most valuable company would've been even without the pop but now it's worth one point eight eight trillion dollars and more shares may be sold in the next month to meet demand is going to re enter Bloomberg's user camallo dean is standing by yourself talk to us first about how this IPO seemingly went off without a hitch and is getting closer and closer to that two trillion dollar valuation that MBS wants to see yeah it does seem like a bit of a rite of passage to security to get to this historic day but are most IPOs like that arguably the valuation you mentioned Matt one point eight eight trillion dollars at the moment we are limit up from the base of one point seven trillion dollars of implied valuation that means that the two trillion dollar valuation which has been the most controversial talking point in global capital markets are one of the most controversial and over the last year isn't striking range by trade tomorrow and Klay the Saudi government has made this a priority to make sure that the optics check out the status with regional and local investors where this IPO at the moment is catered mostly towards but also for a leader stage to to be able to convince more international investors to come online in terms of how much more upside there could be we were speaking in retail and he's from the month security than to buy you a thing to be easily reached two trillion dollars tomorrow more money could flow in after that when you get some international in the conclusion is one that you mentioned that she wore an option with Goldman Sachs act together stabilizer that could provide some additional direct what about the the thinking of the Saudi leadership at this point then you said there's been a lot of talk about sure they managed to get away a regional he and that's fabulous and it is the world's most valuable company now is no small deal but what about the international investors after you choose to these dogs how much how much of only when we get to see in these stocks being traded how international market involvement well at the moment the the initial one hundred and nineteen billion dollars in bids were comprised of two thirds the fears that were offered to institutional investors about thirteen point two percent came from the Saudi government institution non Saudi investors were allocated twenty three point one percent of the institutional offering to that about three point nine billion dollars that with a platform that suggests that the valuations are the kid in it for the lack of a better word are currently being supported then you can take it to the next level and try to go on a road took it over that with counsel the internet the road show and we are getting reports say in the last few hours that there could be covered the throne IPO and second one or the second listing perhaps with some Asian investor focus in in you know in the also that's going to be absolutely critical going forth but not yet a listing or a share sale in London or New York correct better that does not need to be a priority at the moment yeah I used to think so much use of comel dean there in Riyadh at the first day of trading for Aramco the world's biggest company now even bigger up live it up ten percent in its first day of trading let's get your global news headlines now that we go to center.

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