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To abbey and dayton ohio listening and whol hey abby good morning and welcome to the brian kilmeade show how are you i'm great how are you i'm doing good is this something that you find attractive in his it's sexist i fully i find it attractive and i i i don't think it's sexist i would call my soul or i would not call myself a feminist or anything but i think it's primal really wanna be protected and treated with respect and that's exactly what they said they said even the women who who rate themselves as feminists and you could even say like militant feminist type person even they find this attractive and they say the reason for that is is is as you said primal it's biology if the woman is having the children and it's the woman who is taking care of the children well then she's going to look for a man who's going to be a good provider who's going to protect her and by extension the children so that gives the children the greatest the greatest chance of survival and that's what it's all about when you come right down to it it's all about biology and when you come down to it we're animals and it's all about the next generation exactly so it makes sense so good so you love it when a man holds the door for your like thank you and you act like a lady you don't you don't tell him i can hold my own door absolutely and i make a point to always think is because i feel bad when other women like tell them that they could do it themselves right yeah i'm with you and you know what i guarantee you we'll hear from some of the guys but i guarantee you that a woman is appreciative of a man who does something like that that's hot for them to they find that attractive as well happy independence day abby thank you so much for joining us let's talk to one of those guys let's go to spring hill florida and joe good morning you're on the brian kilmeade show joe are you a sexist no absolutely i'm not a sexist but i'll tell you that i do believe in and a sexual for women very turned on by women that like to take care of themselves.

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