Ferguson, Nate, Connor discussed on Big Brown Breakdown - Episode 24: Lorenz Larkin


Moon fuckin weird not my decision guys on an crazy i love to see how would do but there's no way in howard now the nate versus ferguson this but i'm sure nate would want that especially after the home whether on either i never made no one thing we know the one thing we know is nate verse connor three can be here is gonna be fucking enormous there everyone knows that my mom knows that she's done watch you have seen him with invest up my mom fuckin allowed were the other day what's going to happen with that conor mcgregor in that the darling the joey dr d as well mom got damn it no nate dhs here what's going to happen that mike we don't know if it happens look keep you posted i would by that one no shit everyone well everyone well what else she gamma world that electrocuted a little bit are the next one is ally akin to that time that he told area hawaii that he thought that there was some sort of a ban on him not getting bonuses anymore like he was unofficial at the time apparently it's actually official so the ufc official to may junkie and they said that they actually gave him a three fight bonus band hold our three he knew the ban this whole time he said it was kind of like he thought they were doing it but it wasn't the really official puts on told him that there's a ban yellow in why was there in the dark ship before apparently there were three strikes one time he ruined a hotel room i remember that yeah and then he cussed on camera on tv i remember that i remember that movie for to the do it and then the last one was he missed a a fighter summit omar those are so lame he's got yeah the booth games.

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