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Federal government is up and running again. Now that President Trump has signed the Bill ending the thirty five day shutdown and for Lord workers will soon be getting paid once again. But as we hear from correspondent borough Sanchez at the White House will it's not clear what happens next unclear exactly where negotiations go from here. The president tweeting that he did not concede to Democrats in these negotiations and he's threatening to declare a national emergency to get funding for his long promised border wall of that option has been on the table for quite some time. And the president hasn't taken that step because there's no guarantee that it would actually work so even allies to the president are wondering exactly what the White House gained from shutting down the federal government. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer suggested that the president's decision to accept a stop-gap funding measure about it too validation of the democratic position doing that shutdown. Fight wins. News time, twelve oh. Seven. At the same time. President Trump was demanding funds for his border wall. His company was firing undocumented migrant workers corresponded Kerry shoemaker tells us the firings came even though managers had known about their legal status for years employees at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester county were bought into a room one by one on January eighteenth and fired. A lawyer representing the group says many had worked there for years and their status had long been known by management, the firings. Come after workers at another Trump club in New Jersey came forward last month, saying they were hired even though managers knew they were in the country illegally. There's been no word from the Trump organization on the firings. I'm Kerry shoemaker wins. News time, twelve oh. Wait, a state of emergency has been declared in Washington state were thirty two cases of.

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