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Seventy three we certainly wish him and his family well we certainly wish him well as he goes on to the next life but tonight a night that we generally if you have a favorite rave you have a favor manager go ahead let that one out but also tonight's a night where i have to say it's been magical new orleans and i will take more of the calls about embracing the suck an app you've done it of your team zone two and i have to talk to the folks in new orleans again because it's been a magical run folks and i'm going to say it for the third straight year 'cause before you see when i first it it was just a hot take and i can understand that's how you felt even though i i try not to be that way i really don't because of what because of what my business is done with certain characters i can understand you thinking that it was just a hot taken that's what it was however i am sincere about this i look at the new orleans saints and i just simply ask what the hell of you've been doing for three years what's what's been what has been the reasoning behind any of this i mean what if you really been doing i i get that maybe he's a drawing card still i get the maybe he's he's a guy that that brings in a lot of cash a here's the guy that won the super bowl this was after katrina i know that there is beloved as a figure in the city are new orleans he is a hall of famer bonafide he's fantastic sixty six thousand pass yards throughout his career he's been absolutely wonderful and you've had years now two thousand fourteen forty nine hundred fifty two yards 33 dutch down two thousand fifteen forty eight hundred.

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