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25 was not that long ago. And yet there are still people who are not aware of what happened in those killing Fields 8000 people killed and this wasn't an accident. It wasn't by chance. It was part of a systematic campaign engineered by the politicians designed to ethnically cleanse the territory to create this Racer, Serbian Republic. So the survivors the victim's families who are here today, they hope that we all pay attention to this judgments. World news from the BBC. The Red Cross has said it will This is W N. Y. C in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has clarified changes in mask policy for New York schools after the State Education Department contradicted guidance from his health commissioner, Dr Howard Zucker on Friday. The governor now says Children must wear masks in school buildings, but not outside Karen DeWitt reports. Individual school districts will still have the final say on whether or not to continue to require masks outdoors. Cuomo denies that there was ever any uncertainty over the initial order, He says he never said the policy was changing on Monday, but suckers Friday letter clearly states that the no mask policy was to begin Monday. Senate Republican Minority Leader Robert Ord says his colleagues in the Senate, along with Republicans in the Assembly will push in the remaining days of the session for a measure to remove the governor's emergency powers to impose pandemic related restrictions. Some of the mayoral candidates met for an in person form last night at the 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side, and there was an actual live audience, albeit a small one. Candidates were asked how they'd integrate New York City's public schools, Katherine Garcia offered some specific specifics. We need to make it so that we are eliminating the screens at middle school like District 15 did. Very successfully. We need to expand the number of high schools that we have and take the top 10% from every middle school. Diane Morales said she would would want to redraw school district lines of mind widely says she'd end all discriminatory admissions methods, but did not specify what those were. The New York Islanders Notch 254 victory against the Boston Bruins last night, taking a 32 lead in their second round series. They close out this series in Game six. Tomorrow night at Nassau Coliseum at 7 30. 87 today with afternoon showers and thunderstorms and potential for some heavy rain. It's 81 now and partly sunny Manhattan. This is W NY set Hello. I'm Razia Iqbal. Welcome to news from the BBC World Service. It comes to live from our studios in central London. We begin today with.

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