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Actors skilled honors in there was heaping side order of politics to go along with can put your set the tone from the very beginning addressing those bucket airports trying to get into the what we love to do and we welcome you the stars in the room clearly unhappy with the company restrictions executive orders stopping some from middle eastern countries entering the us from best td comedy actress one or julian the we try for us this integrate man it's it blemish and it is on american to the in cast of the newly crowned best teemu drama stranger things we will show breaks and now i'm those two and some stars including carry washington more opinions to show solidarity with the refugees jason events and abc news hollywood those weren't the only ones signing off their wish it was star william h may see i would like to go against the strain this evening and thank president trump for making trying gallagher seem so normal gallagher of course is bases character in the hit showtime production a role that one him last night's honors pissed me oh actor in a comedy in one for his part as president win in johnson in all the way invoking en el biggio it is a motto getting his hard where he would also whisper in is here something he set often as four of encouragement and a cautionary tale and jewish dome in the su that all of us scotty yeah that would be so much better fit inevitably puck that put it over and did you get the draft it was still beat out in italy portland in merrill strip among others for best actress in a travel porter self ahead of the pack heading into the huskers toward the end of next month can figures one for outstanding cast that's the equivalent i guess for drama award best drama and he'll german moving yep very much so denzel washington best actor in fences stranger things one best tb drama ensemble orange is the.

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