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When the next week, you're in Philips arena. Why wouldn't you just wait a week and put book bag we'll versus Booker t at the Philips arena in Ted Turner's backyard? So. To me, it all made sense. We knew even up in Tacoma while we wrestling when next week's Atlanta. But to me, it all kind of made sense. But I, you know, let's be truthful to each other. Did my mom make the calls? Cushy have. Absolutely do. I think she did. Absolutely not. But I really believe with all my heart that, you know, the gym Rawls really really really took his time out and even took time on the roundtable with all the legends and took his time out to bury me and say that, you know, I showed up of these shows, and I just don't know where that hatred come from for him to want to take that much time out to really, and I'm talking about you're not Jim was he loves football players and athletes. We talked every week when he was at WCW about Barrett Barrett duty. duty barrier to higher ups. And I don't know. I really don't know. What happened? I just know that and I did what they told me to do. They sit in three months. Call us back, and I waited about two weeks past the three months, and so it wasn't right at three months. And when I when I call Jim Rawls, he literally answered the phone with a deep breath. Swear to God. I went GM. I'm just calling back because you told me to us, and he and he said a call me bub. He went. Yeah. Mark as a gym. I'm just calling you back because you guys told me to call you in three months way to two weeks longer than that. And I'm just calling you back, and he said Mark will call you. If we need you boming Conrad, that's all tied and drawn was the brother. Let's go back to that match. Did happen you send to come to Washington? I went back and watch it night on YouTube, and it wasn't. So fact that that the match was a bad match was it a great match. No, it was it was mechanically was what it was. It was a hostile environment. They that was a WWF crowd, dude. And all of a sudden, they put it in WCW guys man Booker t's career look at your your career speaks for itself. It was a hostile crowd again in the match wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't the God off. Oh, stinker that people have made it out to be. And when I say hostile crowd. I'm not running down that audience. I just meant you know, how it was dude back then you either WWF or your w w so you guys it was like playing an away game. You guys were having an away game and WWF territory and people didn't give a shit about you guys. And that's that was my take on that, dude. Absolutely. And think about this. If you really play it back and watch it Stacey kiva was announcer booth out of the building shame. It man comes down booed out of the building are Anderson and the other announcer comes down gets booed out of the building. And here we come booger goes, I he goes down just building. And I swear to God back to back to me thinking something else was up with it. I just believe it with Mahar on my music comes on. And I swear to God. I was I took the step to walk out. Shane at man steps in front of me goes. Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you don't look in the cameras, and I said have you ever watched one on that? That's all..

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