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January the six seven minutes after one o'clock nice day today a little warmer yesterday was it is really nice day could be outside that a jacket forty one degrees right now little bit windy though cold wind blowing down from the pole seventeen miles an hour makes you feel like about thirty to one for the wind to be pretty nice day it's over when you write forty one degrees tonight nineteen tomorrow forty one Wednesday forty two clouding up on Thursday and thirty six and snow likely on Friday Yahoo thirty two hi on Friday overnight fifteen Friday possibly Saturday and Sunday snowstorms around Santa Fe right now forty one degrees so they windy seven minutes after one of our happy Monday want to talk about today local news national news political news on political news you want to chime in we don't have any yeah today until two thirty the wide open we now into thirty want to get in a comment a plug you want to campaign for somebody or yourself now's a good time to do it phone number five oh five four two four well sixty just like the frequency for two for twelve sixty one a jump in right now now is a good time to thirty today Maria Herrera from the New Mexico workforce connections we'll start over we'll start up again every two weeks or so we'll have the workforce connection folks and to talk about jobs training opportunities for you as the job seeker or job provider that's at two thirty today Marie is going to bring in Aimee Jansen whether Amy is the assistant store manager across the street at Dillard's if you're in a retail listen up to thirty today three thirty today brand new organization if you like theater and I love theater stage Santa Fe we'll talk about state stand for a brand new organization with the net sales Peters stills and Jeff now that's at three thirty today anything we can do for you wanna be on the show if you mean email refer to Santa Fe dot com I just looking ahead a little bit this week tomorrow we'll have one Paul get Paul Gibson from retek hurt and we have I can't talk we take our democracy Paul on tomorrow on Wednesday we'll have ANA Shelley.

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