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Was so excited about retiring in now i'm still excited about an hour where the money's coming from and got a bunch of my for a threeyear mightiest p you're my retirement account but i'm not sure how to access it i don't know how much i can access safely i don't know what's going to happen of mortgage crash again i don't know if it's all the he's what if what if what if what if so what we do and we sit down and we put together financial plans for individuals israel literally helping them with that transition i'm transitioning from acid accumulation two asset preservation and distribution were showing them how to invest their assets responsibly so that they're getting the highest rate of return that they can net if any fee based on the amount of risk they're willing to take are also reducing risk and portfolios were showing them how much money they can pull out on a monthly or an annual basis without running out throughout their entire retirement were showing them what to do with social security or showing them what to do tax wise were showing them what to do with the state planning through attorneys and all of this goes into putting together a truly comprehensive financial plan and giving people that confidence and then back to your question if your confidence in your retirement plan you know exactly what you can do and how much you can spend doing it and if you want to go to your dream concert you know how much you can spend a your dream concert because we can answer that question if you want to go on a dream cruise if you wanna to do this this want to do that but it's so empowering to understand how your money works how much of it you can spend how it's going to affect you moving forward in having a financial plan in your hands which is why we love to do it and like to do it for people complementary so if you'd like that incites said that you can have more freedom to do those fun things in retirement just set up a time to sit down with mike and his team at talon wealth management at their offices in orlando jacksonville palm coast melbourne and the villages to have a conversation about that four zero seven two seven zero one thousand that's four zero seven two seven zero one thousand and always at guarding at your nest egg dot com mike i've heard people say that after they've saved invested their hard on money all these years withdrawing.

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