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Sarah carriers has been haywood had been on a hunting trip during the week of the massacre so when he returns home he finds his wife his brother and his son have all been murdered and his entire hometown has been burned to the ground. Oh my god. His grief on tethers him and he dies just a year after the massacre in nineteen twenty. Four how According to official reports there are eight. Deaths that occur during the massacre area the two white men. C p poly wilkerson and henry andrews and six black residents of rosewood. Sam carter sarah carrier sylvester carrier james carrier lexi gordon and mingo lord. God williams but many langley remembers quote stepping over many white bodies unquote during her escape and other people recall other survivors recall seeing a mass grave of black people. God so the actual death toll probably starts at twenty seven and who knows how hike this surviving former residents of rosewood scatter around florida and try to start their lives new for some survivors. This silence that they that they choose is a matter of safety. Of course the trauma haunts them. Yeah but they. They fear that revealing themselves as survivors might put a target on their backs. Many langley just wants to protect her kids innocence. It takes her sixty years to relate the story to her children and she would later say quote. I didn't want them to know what i came through. And i didn't want to discuss it with them. I just didn't want them to know what kind of way i come up. I didn't want them to know. White folks. want us out of our homes. So some of the survivors descendants like arnett doctor seapower and keeping the story alive so one reporter gary moore finds him in nineteen eighty two. He's more than willing to share. What he knows about the rosewood massacre behind his mother's back he goes with more to the original site of rosewood and tells them philomena story but when philomina his mother finds out she gets so angry. She slaps him across the face and threatens to disown him louis. She wanted her son to know the family history but she still feared what would happen to them if they spoke out and this was nineteen eighty two. I called the trauma. yeah you. tst will and also just. It's not like the racism any fucking better right so in a later interview our net comments that is quote aunt beauty said it was a wise head that carries a still tung. And i'm still sitting here running off at the mouth right now. So the resulting story. The gary moore writes for the saint petersburg times which would later become the tampa bay times on july twenty fifth nineteen eighty two. It actually ends up getting made into an episode of sixty minutes so yeah which them prompts living survivors. They see it. And then they come forward to tell their stories And publicly shared their accounts of what happened to them that night and more importantly those rosewood survivors and their descendants. Start to find each other and on july first. Nineteen eighty.

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