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You by IBM. This is the show for busy all pros WHO WANNA kit quickly keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Thanks for joining us again for episode to eleven. How's it going mark scores also page and speaking of numbers like to eleven guests, which podcasts is the fifteenth that's one five fifteenth most listened to business podcasts in the Republika Trinidad and Tobago I will assume this one. So we we bumped it up. We were number twenty seven. Now we're up to number fifteen. So. People try to Baga. We appreciate you very much helping us climb the ranks. Our goal is being the top ten business podcasts in Trinidad and Tobago just they're just there. Okay. Because as soon as we can start traveling in, that's where I WANNA go. We're good. Do some life podcasts Internet ahead I don't. Care where we go, do you live podcasts from? So, we got some reviews The first one is worth the listen and fast moving as someone that has spent thirty years in in the land operation side of the Pipeline Business USA saying Canada and now venturing out on my own appreciate the regular roundup of happenings in the industry also appreciate the positive vibe you guys bring to the show, keep it up. That was a five storey view. Was it yet? Another one. Yep Somebody spelled your name. Wrong. But that's okay. A Markel Corp is a must-listen your insights and your platform providing a much-needed form in arguably the most necess-. Necessary and relied upon global industries. Thank you. Mark. You're being heard in notice from down south in Livingston Parish Louisiana. Gulf. Coast downstream process. What does that between Baton Rouge and Hammond yet down to by the they like to think that they're in the swamp but they're not the swamp they're points and I'm from I'm from Zachary by big shout to Livingston Pairs who You've got the white boots on. And then page you know we got this mystery gift at the Corporate Mailbox Dijon. I was a week ago we opened up and it was some calendars, and so I just wanted to be a little shout out to bj Jackson at a hamlet valid fittings don't know bj was nice enough to send us a couple of calendars for this year sweeping. Maybe. It's just a markdown of how soon twenty twenty and how much we wanted to. He actually reached out to me a link to you and I connected with him. He's told me Hey, look love, which is thought it Senio. Little. Gift. It was sweet. Yeah. So all right. Let's get into the news stories of I one. This is the big one. Chevron pick noble ambigous US energy deals since the oil crash how much they pay for for noble a big chunk of change about five bill. Okay. So here's the cool thing ever when they're deal fell through with oxy I mean with. Anadarko. Yeah Right. So the penalty that that Anadarko had to pay Chevron was a billion dollars. So thank you in. Darko, for helping Chevron by Newell. Twenty percent of what it took for them to buy. Now, this is all cash deal. Everybody in the industry knows disorder stuff was historic happy out an ears a perfect example. This is a good article and CNBC THE PROPHECY NBC's the out really understand the oil and gas industry. They pointed a lot of reasons I. Think Chevron did this let me tell you Chevron's doubling down the Permian. This is there's other stuff they're getting for this. Yes, I get it. Is the right time. Yes. I get a Chevron had a lot of capital. Noble had a lot of debt. Yes. I get it but this is literally Chevron picking up assets in the Permian for pennies on the dollar, which is which we knew this was gonNA happen. So the good thing about this is a once things get a combined settled in this job security for. Knew, companies move forward it's going to grow this allow Chevron to those fields more effectively, which means they can make money at a lower crude price were just a hair over forty dollars today. So I expect more of this sort of stuff to go I think see a lot of consolidations still happy with the service companies which will get to later. My big thing is pages. What is Exxon do I know I know I actually saw someone commented about that on an Unin- different thing I linked in and I was just like Yep. So all my buds all my friends on Biz equates my listeners at Exxon I. Love You I, know y'all are up to something I'm watching you. I don't know what it is yet, and if I ever figure out what it is probably won't say 'cause I don't WanNa be the guy that messed up the deal but excellent I know you're up to something I, just can't figure out what it is always up to something they always always always make good decisions right? What's next bomb proposes new Ghomley deal yes. This is a really interesting, and if you actually read through this they WANNA basically lease out about eighty million acres and eighty million acre sounds like a whole bunch of acreage. But the actual Gulf of Mexico is six hundred square miles, which is three, billion, eight, hundred, forty, million acres. So, now the sudden this does this sound like that big a deal. But the Bureau of Energy. Management has let everybody know the release actually said seven eight point eight acres, not quite eighty and the Gulf of Mexico in November they note the cool thing is page. KGO oxidants thing off now they're livestream. Oh no kidding. So Not Webex. 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