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Get it a cd a hatton gave me more details the problem is that the south korean ministry of education has responded to sort of low level criticism over the years that they're putting too much pressure on children youngest children aged eight and nine who were just starting out in kind of formal education and it's trying to relieve that academic burden on those children by saying look those children can take some afterschool activities that are more geared towards having fun are learning extra skills but they don't want those children to start studying english so early so what the ministry of education has done as it stopped state school teachers from being allowed to teach english after school and it's trying to get those students at those in those age groups to take other classes things like music or art luiso people listening to this apparent to have kids their kids go to school children however pretty relaxed school day we'll to mike in south korea it's far different in south korea you have to imagine the entire south korean educate asian system as it stands now from when you entering kindergarten until you graduate from high school is geared towards one eight hour exam you will take at the very end of high school the mark you get in that exam will basically in many parents mines and children's minds determined whether you are a success or failure in life not just and not exam so if you do well in the exam you might get into a good south korean university go on and be offered a job and you're kind of set for life it's thought south korea has really high levels of youth suicide in part suicide rates among among young people have doubled in the past few years and so many people are trying to change the system but frankly it really is ingrained parents they they put pressure on educators who put pressure on students to spend as many as 15 hours a day studying the average south korean teenager gets just over five hours of sleep a night the entire.

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