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This week with george stephanopoulos and by the way they contacted me obama beyond next sunday with them but nonetheless he is saying that the lynch mobs are after al franken and of course there after roy more and of course there were after john conyers but they're real goal the lynch mobs goal is to invalidate and destroy the presidency of donald j trump to use the template of franklin firm franken and a template of of conyers to destroy the president so as a woman do you process this thing any differently than i do i'm not really but let's look at what the lack has been trying to accuse the tump of it not checking because there simply not factually true uh first it was russian collusion okay that doesn't work then it was obstruction of justice okay that doesn't have any merit okay learn a lot paint him as a sexual predator like those within the democrat party and worry disagree with you bill is al franken al franken denied some allegations but that in his uh apology which wasn't an apology it with a 10minute filibuster he basically just went on and blamed everybody else but most of the things happened before he came but came senator luigi birchell is virtually acknowledge an and admitted that he had this type of misogynistic herath eating behaviour that we saw with photographic evidence i as well as the pattern he joked about drugging and raping leslie paul yeah and so even though it happened before he was a senator there was a pattern and he didn't really apologize nor did he uh you know did he not admit that it didn't happen and so with al franken added with john conyers looking what uh nancy pelosi's first reaction to john conyers love because that was the most honest he basically just mode he's winning i mean there's just an allegation she said he's an icon and not exactly how we then take this and look and say what why is the democrat party throwing their own under the bus it is because they have been protecting predators everson bill clinton and looking the.

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