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Know know. They love speed. We love speed. So there's easy crossover there and they have a lot of technology and a lot of work in in a team that helps maintain their aircrafts and we have a lot of the same thing over here on our side. There's a lot of similarities. It's all about you know a team effort and having you know having a chemistry in in being able to communicate with one another as a big part of it. There's one now Tyler Roddick on the final lap. Good timing on that and best of luck this weekend and throughout the season. Thank you all right. Thanks right there tyler. Rettig for being on the program as well as William Byron given us his thoughts earlier on in the show. Wow that was a packed program it was. I feel like we got to quite a bit of things in the show and next week. It's only going to get even busier. Yeah as we get ready to ascend into racing action yet again. That's GONNA be wild. We we made it and the weird thing about this. It was it was open ended. We didn't know how long we'd have to survive this off season. You kind of you know the date of the Daytona. Five hundred is coming and you kinda work toward that when this started. We had no idea. No we didn't. We were very very nervous about it to Racing and we're like. Oh Wow what are we going to so in trouble so thankfully? We got to see some entertainment. The I racing side and Next week we're going to go from North Wilkes borough virtually to Darlington real-life and all the stories in between checkered flag. Is Flying on this show. Toby you and I will chat.

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