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Well i think did send donald lot of people have him as the number one quarterback to go and i don't like him yet at that number one quarterback for two reasons one of that he hasn't shown that he may good decisions under pressure when his teammates around him are either injured on the office of wine or not performing well like the receivers have at times dropped passes and get balls into the hands of defenders for interceptions et cetera he trust in ways that don't tell me that he can do those things make those correct decisions under pressure the way he needs to in the nfl uh for example he'll be in the second quarter the scored candid can if third down and he'll forced the ball into someplace that very risky trying to make something happen you don't have to do that in the second quarter when the scores tied yet you've got the fourth quarter if you need you the other reason is that he is his relief is really cork you've got a really big wind up and there have been nfl quarterback that have been been bad corky releases corky growing motions that have been very good but very few of the so he's bucking history with that kind of a of a release i like my number one guy right now mason booed off of oklahoma state louis is he's got the size prototypical sized quoted typical relief he's got good arm talent and he's got a homeless about him that he was exhibited under pressure from the first time you started there as a young quarterback.

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