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Gets older. He seems to look more in shape. Even better i think he is. He's i think he's the greatest of all time. Conversation in terms of striking number nine number nine. eleven dose. Sqi is in the conversation like he's one of his office on the greatest lines of all time where he is in the ranking it. She doesn't even matter. There are very few number nine at any point in history. Who's destination has been essential destination the league itself and he's one of the Bayamo help with a couple of uncharacteristic who may be one uncharacteristic. Ira from kanji. The way was playing up. He made that. Arafat was the second levitas goal. Yeah unlike him actually he was just walking out with it. Yeah yeah we'll see dormant. I think maybe they showed signs of playing some really good stuff to mullen. Came on in quite good as well like you. Busy poland was unlucky. The hoon could have had a couple before buying pulled out in front dobermans record against buying recently just been dreadful over the last few years Since they will not three to in twenty eighteen. I don't think they've won. I think they've lost every game since and both teams concerns as well. Yeah they did again. It's really early days in the bundles league. And i mean i don't think the gains were saying let buying dolan would decide the league necessarily think as we saw last season with the holstein kiel cup game for example like buying was slip up randomly out of nowhere. And i think they'll do that. They sees it. they're always potential possibility. Is there for for buying to slip up and son is for and not get caught up in those. Two games isn't it. Dormant is basically what happened. Was they fell way too fall behind early in the season but then the season before that they would nine points out in front of the break. So he's kind of well if dortmund going into a position this season where they were like nine points out in front of the winter break. I think the intensity of marco rosa and still having ed intensity there as like a sporting director or in spoiling role now technical director. I think that's a different level of intensity on roy speaking as well that's a different level of intensity to win. It was losing five. There and i liked father. I think what. He's a good guy. But i think they in terms of intensity rosa seems to like really match the level of intensity the think think dortmund crowd and side kind of need. I think tasr it did that. Last seized ashamed that funds.

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