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I'm reading that i just got into a soula soula what's going on is like in a good way what is it wait wait wait wait how do not that far i'm where what is it suicide day or something it's very very early very early is because i saw her reason why i'm kind of like oh it's just because we've tony him she does we have so many traumatic things that sometimes i just for bill mood for it and she does in such a way that is is to i don't know okay tony right yeah i'm a massive fan of minimum because i think i mean i've said this before i think she she writes to be constructed she writes for the students to be like a man for example the bluest i i don't know you found it retired right but i didn't i was looking at it deconstructed way now look how would i write an essay about this time tony morrison needs a huddle into get through the thing off to the first third of the book is tough and then there's like a bit where some free flowing out as and it's just like bam we w reading the bluest eye for this varies like i don't think i have the concentration to really push it whatever read beloved looks too beloved go to paul's i can't do anymore i'm so ready to fight somebody over the movie beloved and arnaud watched oprah's l for is the beloved no that's not what it is honestly the beloved is a very very strange tale it's very strange strange in movie form i'm guessing it's gotta be even stranger and book performance question because you're like is this real not real which is why really wanna get through soula i really because like i've given up a few times on mars and i really really wanna be tony morrison fan right right well you read this because been tough i told you okay i have been copy of vogue and i read that that's it that's it i mean i don't know no pressure all right well let's move into the main topic of discussion.

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