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To negotiate governor inslee salsa responding sink president trump promised americans he would improve our healthcare system you promised he would not cut medicaid and that his plan would make health care more bullimore foreseeable drug care doesn't deliver on a single one of those promises back it exacerbates each of them he says seattle police have filed a labor complaint against mary ed murray over body cameras comas pete combs fills in cities 1300 police officers in sergeants go to great lengths to say they're not opposed to body cameras instead they say they are opposed to the way mayor ed murray ordered those cameras to be put on the officer saves eurodent on a july eighteen memo from city attorney pete homes that says and according the cops here we decided to move forward regardless of what the consequences are under labour law the officers want a chance to negotiate the use of body cams something there say the haven't had a chance to do since the bodycam pilot program and it back in march pete combs komo news of reached out to seattle mayor ed murray is office for their side of the story but so far no response more seattle city council discussion on proposed laws that would make it illegal for property owners to consider the criminal background of prospective tenants drink public testimony several people spoke out in favor of the plan to you know how hard it is to be a mother and have a has been with a criminal history and you're trying to put a roof of your kids head keep a job how long they start on a background check on your has been in use add against you the council committee lock looked at amendments.

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