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Shall pass onto the consumer? Which of course, I'll pass on to the consumer. Yes, if they if if they they do that, but must have the option of an e receipt. Now, a lot of places are doing that. Anyway, I mean, I know I go into is it dome depot. And and so they they will ask if. You know, you wish to have an e receipt. But they also give you the paper receipt. You always get the paper receipt. Yeah. You can choose you can choose. But when I say, send me an Email. It also gives me the paper receipt to every time. I've not had maybe they are evolving into giving. You just a choice of receipt now and my Bank. I have the when I go to the ATM to send me the receipt, which I do every time. Because great you put in the rec-. I looked down my putting the receipt. Take your cash, I looked down. My phone's blinking everybody got the Email, and so you feel safe. And there is there is something about when you do a transaction. There's something about being able to see the receipt immediately. Having that receipt in your hand knowing that when you get the cash, you buy the that that it is that that you can you can see it immediately. Therefore, you knowing you can check it. You're you're you're talking about a defaults offering in other words, it would be just like it is right now at Home Depot. They're not saying you couldn't use paper. Well, the default rushed the first raw for would be Email there. Right. And I get the default from my Bank to, but when you do it if the Email doesn't, you know as long as IMO gets her immediately, and you can check it as you're walking out the store. That's great. Because a lot of times lots of times, you're not checking you're not. You're not running the math, right? Really as you're looking at the screen. You wait. You look at your receipt. And you scan the receipt really quick. I know I do that just to make sure there is something double when it goes to your phone. You're more likely to be out of the store before you check it. But something that people think of I know, I think of it just because in cases mistake, you want to bring it to their attention before you walk out of the store and come back and also with returns, you're going to have to what Email the receipt back. If you have a return. Yes. Yes. Or printed off on a much larger piece of paper. Would have been. Now, the best part? The Wall Street Journal did an editorial on it. And they and they and so they do the according to the state assemblyman, Phil Tang of San Francisco. As it happens. The biggest beneficiary would likely be square incorporated whose headquarters is in San Francisco and run by CEO, Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame. Mr. king bills mister tings. Bill notes the data from square a company that provides mobile payment services shows that they're sellers send over ten million digital receipts each month. Funny. How political favouritism appears behind most green regulation. Yeah. Love that. Yeah. They don't really care about the paper saving the planet. All right. Very quickly. Because this the conversation that we've had just off the air. And and it gets to be it gets to be pretty interesting because the former mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro announced that he is running for president. I think you should not be qualified because he has a twin brother. And I don't want the shenanigans of twins. I know how they do things to tell you a friend of mine done in San Antonio. She does me all the time on Facebook. She will invite me to. The I one Michelle Obama was speaking in Texas. I got the invitation to that on Facebook, you're invited. Right. And I believe she. I think I think she invited me to one of the Julian Castro something that he was doing a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was a month ago. I don't know maybe it was some kind of party. But she'll all of a sudden, I'll see you been invited to and I'm like, and she's as conservative as you can get, but she doesn't just to to tease me. But Castro led San Antonio what for five years. Yeah. He was nominated Obama nominated secretary of housing and urban development in two thousand sixteen. He was thought about it was vetted. You know as a possibility for Hillary Clinton. Ryan you and I had this discussion the bottom of the hour. She chose Senator Tim Kaine. I looked at you and said, can you believe she actually chose him? He was the worst choice. Now, she was the worst choice actually for a president people always said Trump is the worst candidate ever for president. No she lost to him. So she is. But seriously, Tim Kaine. That smile. Remember? He was compared to the Grinch. Enrages smile when even smile, and it was just he's just wasn't the you're thinking to yourself you want somebody who is. Has some kind of personality to them. And he just didn't seem to have any kind of of personality. But you and I were talking about you know, where the Democrats are gonna go. Whether it's going to be Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, we've got succession of others now coming down the pike over the next. Over the next six months, and all we keep hearing is about Joe Biden. Yeah. I think that if. If you look at where we will be well a year from now, right? Heading into Iowa twenty twenty. What I think ultimately will steer in Biden's direction. If he announces that he's an any ultimately does run will be polls that he keeps using over and over again, basically, I'm the only one that can be Trump. Then he'll pick someone like a better or Rourke or somebody else, you know, and and put them on the ticket with him. By the way, I think before Julian Castro right now, the star power is with another guy from Texas. Yes. It's with Beto. If the if I'm talking about on the democrat side, if someone was going to run now Juliane Castro had some of that going here in our state when he was being vetted to run with Hillary. But not to the level of a raw nothing close. Right. And so this is why if you're Biden you're going to play you're going to play the game if he decides to run so you're going to see a number of and the breakdown of it was really one story earlier, why there are so many that will be running on the left because they all believe that they're going to essentially. Each of them believe that they're going to bring this, you know, this certain kind of popularity back to the presidency. They broke it down. And it was an interesting point. They were talking about in George in one thousand nine hundred ninety two you went into that that season where a lot, you know, his George H W Bush's approval ratings were pretty stellar at that point. They were above sixty. So the Democrats were just kind of holding back many of them just went wanted to wait until ninety six and remember Bill Clinton didn't get in until later in the game. And so there was that. Okay. Can you beat a popular president thing? Now, it's not about that. It's they want to bring they believe that rockstar thing back to the presidency. And that's it. That's exactly where they'll go. But I think that if Biden is to run he does run and those numbers keep holding those general poll numbers, if the election were held today kind of thing, then the party will settle on Biden. Well, I asked this question because and it would be interesting to see and how you would do the polling of the focus groups would be fascinating. I'm not a pollster. So I have more questions, but my my one question would be after Obama a rockstar and Trump a rockstar. Have Americans had enough of Rockstars? A decade or so. Well, would they like it would they like to hear less news? Because think about how we get our news right now, we get a lot of the stuff that's bombarded on social media people. Especially friends we follow or are connected with on social media. They re tweet share things. And is there that burnout where we would like the boring guy to be up there for a while? So we we're not bombarded with all this all day every day, which is why I'm wondering, whether you know, a Biden will come out and say, look, I'm I'm the leader. The other thing is to Biden is somebody who could sell himself as not being as as radical, for example, Julian Castro talking about all the things that the young Democrats were talking about he would pass the new green a deal. Universal pre-k universal higher education Medicare for all. He talked last week of a top marginal tax rate of over ninety percent will. There's a lot of old line Democrats that may sit there and. Tolerate the talk. But they honestly believe that they cannot be the party that promotes all of that. Because it's impossible to get. Right. You can't you cannot get that fiscally. You can't get that. And it would be they believe the destruction and the case of Cortez out there. It would be the the because she now is being vilified by many inside of the democrat party of all only carrying about herself. That's the one thing that really has come out of the last couple of weeks from Democrats inside the party, they believe she doesn't care about the party at all. She's an adjusted for herself should not really in it for politics. She's an for her fame. That's coming from inside the democrat party right now. So she's not running for president. But you have a whole bunch of young people that have the most socialist agenda possible is the democrat party. And we've said this before either they have to go far left for the half the star moderating. Is there? A large section of the democrat party outside of the cavenaugh crazies. I don't know how else to put it. That are saying we cannot continue to be this party. We need to have them represented. And that's why Biden aerobic is where we should go. Well, because there could also be looking at it saying we can still get some of our. More leftist agenda things done if we also keep the house, and when the Senate we can get some of those things done in Biden with his big, you know, false teeth can smile into the camera and just be the moderate of the parties to the face of the party. They go back to what they were before not talking so much about it writing it into the Bill writing it into law, but not talking. I'm not talking about it, not promoting it. They don't look they know that their constituents right now. Don't want a open borders, but they want open borders because they're trying to pad the voting rolls. And so they don't want to talk about it in front of the American people. Let's do this behind closed doors. Well, they may go back to that approach and say look Biden can be the face of the party. And then we'll work behind your on Capitol Hill. To get things done on our agenda, the sign it the the big problem with our hypothesis would the democrat party in twenty twenty ever run to white men. Was with Warren. As veep. Okay. Dan, Bill for you would have to be a woman. I think there I think there's a decent chance. Yes. Are you gonna then do you are you politically wasting what you believe you have in a work? No because he's young enough to comeback somewhere else. Now. Somebody's listening to show saying these guys giving advice to the Democrats. No, we're just trying to figure out what they meant. But that's the political play. I mean, each one of those questions is are some of the questions they'll be.

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