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Threatening inundation from a rising water moving inland from the coast line during the next 36 hours and the indicated locations. Water could reach the following heights above ground somewhere in the indicated areas if the peak surge occurs at the time of high tide, this includes the mouth of the Mississippi River to the ocean Springs, including Lake Born, You could see a storm surge of 7 to 11 FT. Port Fu Shawn to the mouth of the Mississippi River 4 to 7 ft. Ocean Springs to the ocean Springs to the Mississippi Alabama border. 4 to 7 ft, like Ponchartrain and, like more UPA 4 to 6 ft. Well, speaking at the same press conference, City chief of operations Ramsey Green, warn residents about down tree branches. If you see a tree right now branch laying in the street integrated with an energy line. Call 311. We have Forrester's on emergency right now. Frankly, we really want to get that stuff done before a storm happens. Speaking with WWL TV earlier this morning, New Orleans sewage and Water Board director Goss on Corbin is confident in his department's ability to power pumps to move water out engender power We have for char mines that already there 113 for N Sync's We have all of our five year and these these are large generators that are nearly as well. And when we have all of our frequency changers really is about to use. Mostly energy power to down to power our 25 years. And now the forecast from your local weather expert. WWL TV meteorologist Peyton Malone. Sunday will be hot and humid highs in the upper eighties toe lower nineties a 50% chance of showers and storms. Monday. We'll see the rain bands from hurricane or what will be Hurricane Sally move into the area. Conditions go downhill, especially late on Monday for your Tuesday Hurricane Sally moving through the area high wind storm surge in flooding rainfall likely Just all depend on the tracks or something to follow very, very closely could be a Category two storm at landfall, as it makes its way through the area impact will still be felt on Wednesday, with rain lingering by Thursday. Sally moves on al but still some showers and storms and temperatures staying in the upper eighties. I'm your local weather. Expert Forecasts enter. I'm Debbie Debbie LTV meteorologist Pedram alone and I'm Tom, Peru. Me in Wwll First news. The following is a paid program. The views and advice expressed or not that of Wwll or intercom. Louisiana LLC, assessing a person's legal matter often requires extensive interviews,.

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