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However the potential harm to the pageant and Div Division that a bitter fight. Make Pause as convinced me that I must relinquish my title. Not only was. That is never happened within the Passion Organization It was this huge. Dichotomy. An, it couldn't be any more. Polar opposite of. Two images you've you've got Miss America who is? Angelic and you've got. Naked Pictures, which is salacious audio, courtesy of the Oprah Winfrey Network, a Vatican, commission led by Joseph Ratzinger the cardinal, established necessary to limit rights of homosexual people, a non married couples and and it was on this date in nineteen, ninety-two in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five, the comet Hale. Bopp discovered on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred by blues, visibly seen with the naked eye nearly a year later, and it was five years ago today NASA, announced discovering of Kepler four five to be sometimes it named Earth two point where earth cousin by the Kepler Space Observatory. Among those passing away on the state include President Ulysses s grant. Aviation Pioneer Glenn Curtiss actor Montgomery clift actor band. Heflin actor, a pilot. Eddie Rickenbacker Amy wine-house journalist, Daniel Shore and astronaut Sally, ride. This is the birth date of character actor Arthur. Treat your whom you hear frequently on a number of our shows, and I'm trying to remember I believe it is. The Jimmy Durante show. We heard him on a baseball. Player pee wee. Reese Calvin Forest Larry Bud Melman. On the old David Letterman show. Game show host performer Bert convy baseball's drawn Drysdale Don Imus. Who passed away just this last December at the age of seventy, nine and Tony Joe White Polk Salad Annie, the man who wrote rainy night in Georgia Tony Joe White Born on this date. From Deliverance and Apple's way Ronny Cox Eighty two. The, big one thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety three hit rock on David. Essex is seventy three today. She said Ferris Bueller was a righteous. Eating McClurg sixty nine..

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