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On the parents kids, it was a form of community. I'd never sensed in Los Angeles. You need, you just don't come together and rally like that. Usually, it's people, you know, from work and and off. But my gosh, there's so that's, that's when a heartwarming story. Denver, you know, and I met the lady that I currently live with. Now, we've been together for five years, bless her heart, I feel like, I've been struck twice by lightning two, lovely, ladies in my life. Oh, that's amazing. And it's so wonderful to be able to do something like that, to be able to give back to the community. And, and although it's just for, like, a brief unite or brief moment song, The fact that you did that, I'm sure that like resumes with those families even to this day. Well here, here's the, here's the epilogue of this. So Beverly was recruiting for a storm killing group. She's a retired educator and she said, we want to go into the end of the classroom and tell stories to the kids so that they can learn. That older folks are not just their teachers and their peers but older folks are nice people that can bring them a smile to. So we have this Storyteller group, we have twenty-five, Thirty people during the term. We go in once a month and we tell stories for about 30 minutes and every month we come back in a storyteller's are here the teachers loved at the kids love it. And of course, I get that wonderful warm feeling in my heart and so we should have several storytelling groups throughout the greater Denver area to do this in each one of the school districts. So, it was a start of something good. I'm grateful. That's awesome. I applaud you for doing that. That's Thursday. That's fantastic. So, speaking of happy moments and good times worse happiest, happy hour in Denver. I don't think you can go wrong. Going to any one of the craft breweries, them all have new beers, they all have happy hours. I would just say go find a Craft brewery and get there between, you know, four and six and have yourself a good. A good time, it's very congenial and you can do the beer, crawl and find a new one. You won't run out. Yeah. For sure. That's why. That's one thing I love about like those beer Trails is that way, you know maybe you don't like the beers at this one, you know. Maybe it's like I'm not a big fruity beer type of person, right? Some of them have a lot of fruit. He's and they get a little weird, right? So you don't like it just go on to the next one and eventually you'll find one that you really like. And you may not go onto anymore, you may just hang out at that one and spend the rest of the afternoon. At that one spot and sometimes the fruity beer will surprise you. You know, they'll put a a bunch of ingredients in New Jersey. They'll tweak over the spikes. You go. Well, they that was refreshing. I would have never tried. Yeah, to your point like sometimes, you know, you're on the tour. Anyways, you might as well just try it anyways. And say you like it and if you don't handle the twin your friends, I'm sure they will, you know, so one of the things I always do whenever I travel is I check out the local pizza. So, what's the best place for pepperoni, pizza in Denver? So I gotta tell you, my favorite place is in Greenwood Village so in Greenwood Village part of the Denver Tech Center for the business side, Greenwood Village for the living side. There's a place called Z Pizza Republica, and if you ever had a pizza from Italy, you realize that it is flat and it is crisp and it is met with fresh ingredients. I have been to a lot of pizza shops here in Denver. I've eaten a lot of Pizza in my life. My ability will attest but that reminded me of the original name is pizza hand-churned. Oh, and flipped everything was tasty. The pepperoni was not something you bought in a supermarket. This was hanging on Rogers wall. I mean the most delicious and then if you're really nice, you ask him to put a little truffle oil on it. Oh yeah. You're you're making my mouth water there. You know. So there you don't feel like I'm at the get on the flight right now and then go check it out. Now, I know that, you know, you and I we met through a group of travel massive and so it's it's a people that know so much about travel and I know that you have your travel business as well. We'll talk about that in a minute. So I know based on all that you have just so many different travel tips that you can offer. What's one of your best travel tips. Here's what I tell everybody make reservations not excuses, do it. We tend to want to help other people and we work our tails off, doing what we do in our careers, when it comes time to giving ourselves a reward, we tend not to do that. And so, you know, I've got a kid that needs a graduation. I've got somebody that needs help here. I'm going to be doing this project and when you say to yourself, well, when are you going to take that bucket list trip? Oh, I don't have time. I've got too many other projects and I say, you know, the clock's tickin. So that's the thing is, everybody knows how to make the excuse, but make the reservations, I don't care. Whether it's go to towns north of where you live, but get away from your page streets, your normal routine and being a different place and the farther out you go obviously the the different. It becomes the minute you go to a place that has a foreign language Evil Dead. Mexico, or Canada. I mean it's amazing when you go to Canada and everything's have French, my whole life, and Southern California, everything was half, Spanish, that was a foreign language experience. It was Grand off. You don't have to go all over the world but certainly, as we are aging, we start to realize things start to hurt and, you know, the body starts to tell us. We're not able to be, you know, jumping up and down and doing all the exports and all that. So if you got a bucket list of the burning in your heart planet, do it, put some money down and pay yourself back for all that hard work in your life. So that's a long trip. The other thing I got to say is, if you haven't looked at your passport recently, you want to make sure that your passports up-to-date, what people don't know. Is there still a large backlog? And usually, there is a backlog for renewing or issuing passports and I've seen it take as long as four months, so if you don't want to pay ridiculous. Was Rush fees or have a third party, walk it in and hand stamp it and you'll pay double triple for that. Look at your passport now and see when does it expire? Because almost everywhere in the world that passport has got to have at least six months left on it from the day, you're planning to come back home. If not, they have the right to refuse, you entry into their country off. So,.

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