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Alabama has won five national championships in the past nine seasons. They face Clemson in the national championship game Monday night in pursuit of another title, the crimson tide are unbeaten just landed. The nation's top recruiting class and have one eighty eight percent of its games in twelve years under head coach Nick Sabin. What's the weak spot? Here's this weekend's Jennifer Kushinka as Alabama gears up to try to win it six national football title in ten years. It may have only one flaw kickers who are below average Rachel Bachman or the Wall Street Journal has delved into this mystery and has more Rachel with a crimson tide consistently head and shoulders above everyone else in the world of college football. Why are they having any kicking woes? Well, that's a great question. Because you know, they have excellent players that every other position. But one of the issues is that it's difficult to develop kickers everywhere in college football there. You know, there are limits to the number of quotas. You can have some most teams don't have. A kicking coach per se, of course as roster limits. So you can't have five on the roster suddenly to to have backups ready. If one isn't up to now, and then there are some things that are unique to Alabama that I found in my research, Irby's unusual Alabama that I think are having an effect as well. Just coach Nick Sabin. Not emphasize kickers. Oh, I think he does. I think this issue is probably driving him crazy over his twelve year stint at at Alabama. But it's a it's a very difficult thing. You know, they're they're relatively few kickers in highschool. So the talent pool is smaller to begin with and one of the things I found really is unusual Alabama is because they're so excellent at everything else. A lot of the fan frustration really concentrates on this position. So when kicker messes up, which is not terribly unusual, Alabama, the backlash tends to be really extreme at Alabama particular. And of course, they're their fans are legion. And are, you know, famous for their devotion in general? And so when something is bothering them, they definitely make it known in some cases through no issuing threats, or you know, really nasty messages on social media when someone for instance, has to kick Rachel is that really unique to Alabama. People are getting so nasty on social media. Well, that's a great question. It's not Bama that. There is backlash on those terrible behavior on social media. I do think that it's it's possibly at a different level. Bama because there really is very little other place to concentrate fans frustration as I said, you know, they defeated this year. They've won five national titles in nine years. They really don't mess up in many other areas. And so this is the one bugaboo that has really dogged them, and and tickers have made mistakes and very high profile games. Which also I think sort of like exacerbates the fan reaction. We're speaking with Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal, Rachel, I know you reached out to some of those kickers who have messed up in the past..

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