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What's up everyone. This is anthony pomigliano. Most of you know me as pomp. You're listening to the podcast. Simply the best podcast out there now. Let's kick this thing off. When alden is the founder of wynalda investment strategy which provides market research to hundreds of thousands of individual investors and financial professionals lynch focuses on value investing with global macro overland including currency differential shifts in monetary policy equity valuations in this conversation. We discuss monetary policy fiscal policy. Inflation portfolio allocations macroeconomics. Bitcoin gold federal reserve actions and mt. I really enjoyed this conversation with lynn. And i hope you do as well before we get into this episode. Though i wanna quickly talk about our sponsors i up its revolution. Let's go back to the basics. For a second. I've partnered with reveluti- a finance happened. The us and the uk that say they're the simplest way to access crypto. They're putting their money where their mouth is to. You could sign up make three-car transactions and they'll give you fifteen dollars. Would you can exchange for any of. The tokens rebelled supports as usual when. Move your money from a fiat to crypto your capitals at risk. So make sure you pay attention to what you're doing. These guys have made it easier to get skin in the game and if they say that it's easier that your job now is let me know..

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