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Good from downtown out to the beltway. I'm Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS. Wet mild weather to get the weekend. Started what comes in late in the weekend and cools down early April. It's a mild night tonight though with south winds and mid fifties. Some light rain showers possible, light showers, late, Saturday, warm, seventy three and morning shower. Sunday, sixty degrees, turning colder Sunday night with the northwest wind behind a cold front. Thirty three degrees. Sunday night, Monday morning, April first, Monday, sunshine, fifty I'm Scott Lawrimore at the Weather Channel for talkradio. Six eighty w. Now, keeping you connected with the latest views. This is talk radio six PM and wcbMcom. Good evening. I'm Michael L E in the six eighty WCBS Maryland, new Senate, President Trump says he will close the nation southern border or large sections of it next week if Mexico does not immediately stop illegal immigration in a tweet today. Trump ramped up is repeated threat to close the border by saying he'll do it next week unless Mexico takes action he says it would be so easy for Mexico to stop illegal immigration, which would also strike a blow to drug trafficking, two months after for junior. Governor Ralph Northland's political career was all the dead in a scandal. Over a black face photo. He seems back to normal the democrat governors cracking jokes as he pushes policies addressing racial inequalities. And Democrats are standing by him in an Associated Press interview. Northern said, he's still has listening and learning to do and Republicans are calling Democrats hypocrites. Northern says Virginians are working with him because of his long track record Howard county. Police say a twenty seven year old man was shot and killed late yesterday afternoon outside of a Columbia banquet hall. Police shooting may be. Drug related Twenty-seven-year-old. Ronald Carolina junior was shot outside the caller hall in the Harper's choice village center. He later died. Witnesses saw two male suspects approach Carolina and her two or three gunshots before seeing the men flee in downtown Baltimore, sixty four degrees. Sixty three a BWI. Michael, Philip hallie, six eighty CBS news. Are you looking for ways to increase your sales motivate your team, improve your relationships or become a more effective persuasive and passionate speaker?.

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