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Hamilton twenty nine stolen bases is second in the National League You got Peraza who's hot and he's four. For nine the series including a Homer and a double Now longoria backs, up at third belt holding, Hamilton Suarez to the plate with a strike Eighty six miles an hour there Kurt young talking, about Suarez and his last star very happy with the start in Los. Angeles He was not having, a great month of August until that start When young remarked that it. Was the dedication of getting back to control getting back to location Networks six innings no runs and. Dodger Stadium Hamilton not a big league Suarez watching comes to, the play and a pop up first base side, foul in it's out of play by, Peraza count his own to Suarez controls the running game not necessarily with a great pickoff move but he's really, quick to the plate He's not a deliberate lefty that, raises that right foot in hangs in, the air he lifts it and goes Hollywood the sign The oh to breaking ball Peraza lines it down the right field line that's trouble, mccutchen after it and it is just. Foul just foul it bounces up. Into the seats Hamilton is already halfway. To home Peraza he actually. Picks up her ISAs bat at. Home plate hands it to him Short walk back to first base Mccutchen had no shot at that that was just why do the chalk And account still owned too Rookie year for Suarez Now the university of Miami Away, from I peek over, oh to pitch. Ground ball. Left of longoria got. It flipped. A second one relayed a. I got on double-play great turned by panik the giants get a, double play in a race both Hamilton and Peraza, who both have speed Nikki, their round ball took, longoria to his. Left leading. Right to panic Hamilton. Was right. On top of panic when. He made the turn and it was bang bang the reds actually, looking at it but they will not.

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