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Around Twenty Thousand Hertz is hosted by me Dallas Taylor and produced out of the studios of defacto sound a sound design team dedicated to making television film in game. Sound incredible find out more at defacto. SOUND DOT com. This episode was written and produced by Casey Emily. Then me Dallas Taylor with help from Sam snead. It was sounded by Soren Beijing. It was designed to Mix by Burger and Colin Varney special thanks to our guests. Jonathan Wolf and Steve Lack. Jonathan says he loves hearing from FANS THE FANS. Find me on my instagram facebook. It's easy to find me. My my handle is seinfeld music guy. So if you're listening to this and you want to reach out to me please do how respond and you can. And get in touch with Steve through his website. Steve Lack Dot Com. Finally I also love your feedback. You can reach out to me and the rest of the team through facebook twitter or by writing high at Twenty K.. Dot Org also. If you haven't checked out our website you are really missing out. Be sure to check it out at Twenty K.. Dot Org thanks for listening an arm and a leg is an exciting podcast. All about the cost of healthcare. Look I know what you're thinking. How could a show about healthcare? Be Interesting but trust me an arm and a leg does the impossible. It makes a learning about healthcare fun. The show is super smart. Art Answers the questions. We all have about healthcare like how to drug prices get so high and why do some things end up costing you more when you have insurance every episode it features amazing stories and fun characters like the journalist who figured out his medical device with spying on him. An arm and a leg can also help you make informed decisions. They tell you about scams to avoid smart questions to ask and even ways you might save a ton of money mostly an arm and a leg leaves you feeling like you're in good company dealing with healthcare can and suck but we're all in it together and Armenta leg. Is there to help you out. Subscribe to an arm and leg. Wherever you get your podcasts? Thanks again to Sonos for sponsoring this entire episode. Also you can find special offer. Codes from all of our great sponsors at Twenty K.. Dot Org slash slash sponsors. We rely on their amazing support. So help us by helping yourself to those amazing offers again. You can find those at Twenty K.. Dot Org slash sponsors congratulations to jared Ford Manson. Who by the way was the only person to get last episodes? Mystery sound right. Here's the reveal. That was the sound of heavy wind blowing through the San Diego Central Library. The architecture of this building was just right to create this eerie. Howl as the wind moved through it I highly recommend checking out a video of this on Youtube again? That was the San Diego Central Library. Finally you can receive your very own ad feet of the show by setting up a recurring monthly donation. It's super easy and it helps us to make these shows just had to donate dot twenty K.. Dot Org select your amount and you'll immediately receive your very own ad free feet again. That's donate Dot Twenty K.. Dot O._R._G.. Thanks..

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