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But like this hard thing where he makes the leap and all of a sudden he's the summer league MVP if he's really that guy that's worth two or three, you know a couple of wins. If if Lonzo shoots thirty seven thirty eight percent from three and rounds out the rest of his that's worth another. That's how they get to fifty three fifty two, fifty three. If you think there are plus fifty team. Yeah, it's gonna be. It's gonna be so exciting to watch starting Sunday again, all your coverage can be found right here. He ESPN has. LA this. There's so much just intrigue with this season so much that we have no idea what it's going to look like. But I mean, we've spent so much time just suspect late imagining but to be even more if I still gonna take fifty games yet and we know what any of this where we're not going to be bored with it anytime soon, the dodgers flips out of this are keeping on more a little any little less boring than they ought to be. We're supposed to wrap this thing up a while ago coming off a bad, four, three loss in Arizona, and there was a stat. Two stats actually mentioned during the ESPN broadcast that have me very concerned about the dodgers moving forward. Explain what those are coming up next. So Donald show ESPN LA Sodano, show cabinets, keep brothers in for George about fifteen minutes. We're going to be joined by j b long. Does the play by play for our coverage of the Rams? They got a big game tomorrow. Football, India's Todd Gurley calls it the dumbest thing in the world. It is the dumbest thing in the world, but at least it should be a good game if you're no won't be, it should be. You just described the problem Mandy. It should be a good game actually going to ruin it. Actually, this year it's all relative, but this year Thursday night football has been some of the better Thursday night football. We've seen a while that's actually been some games on Thursday. See this is where the NFL could really luck out because they're better off scheduling games like Cleveland jets that everyone expects will be the single worst football game of all time. Because all you can do is do better. You know, it's like when the Rams and Niners played last year on Thursday, every thought that was gonna be terrible game. It turned out to be a great one really exciting. It was like the best Thursday night football game in years. But generally speaking, I think when you take marquee teams and you give them a short week, you're setting yourself up to screw up what ought to be a great thing about an hour. We're going to be talking with Phil Mackey, ESPN twin cities. Gonna talk a little bit about the Vikings, but also what's going on with Jimmy Butler. Yes. And this crazy trade demand, most recently linked to the Miami Heat, not quite sure who they're going to be able to send over. I tell you what if they want Hassan Whiteside that can have you know what you can have a son Whiteside with. Waiters chaser ooh. Have you seen him? He's puffy. Oh, my Dion waiters looks like he is about one hundred. Fifty pounds overweight, twenty nineteen. Waiters looks like he eight two thousand eighteen. It's unbelievable. Good. It's it's sort of Dion waiters. He's always had kind of around face. I'm not kidding. Cherubic. I'm not kidding. When I when I saw all of a sudden was going all over Twitter people putting out photos of his media guide headshot. I swear when I saw I was like, wait the heat signed. Glenn baby baby Davis. I really big babies. I'm not even joking. Unbelievable love that it never gets done. Waiters fat. I'm googling at right now. Is he actually Phat though? Yes. Oh, yeah. Like I've seen some people zoom in on like the arm area. There's some like Waddell. What do you call that best? What's the technical term for that part of your, like your of your lower arm? If it waves around, I guess it's a wattle. I don't know. I don't want to be part of a fat shame in culture, but this guy's a professional athletes not fat shaming when part of your job? Yes, fat shaming when you when you look at like you know, John and accounting, or you know, Lucy in sales and you make fun of them for their weight or something like that..

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