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Seven sixteen KFMB welcome back to America in the morning it's thirteen till there have been changes attributed to global warming at Alaska's glacier bay national park here Stephan Kaufman Alaska's glacier bay national park is experiencing the deterioration of a world class destination park ranger Jake make faces climate change is making it harder for glaciers to collide snow and ice we have over one thousand glaciers in Glacier National Park one thousand and forty seven of them are shrinking we use the same twenty seventeen ninety five percent of the glaciers are receding today it's definitely one hundred percent among the shrinking glaciers as the often photographed twenty one mile long Marjorie glacier this is the glacier that I've seen a receive a half a climber in the last three years I've been here and also has lost about fifty feet off the top as well nixie says it's easy to understand why the park is losing so much snow and ice every day today in glacier bay is about five degrees warmer than it was in the nineteen fifties averages predicted to be about another eight to ten degrees warmer by twenty one hundred he says the glaciers drive every living thing in the park in addition throughout Alaska dramatic temperature changes including a recent heat wave along the arctic coast resulted in the loss of many types of wildlife Stephan Kaufman glacier bay Alaska and now to the opposite end of the spectrum NASA will follow through with an all woman space crew correspondent Jan Johnson has details it was six months ago that a space walk involving an all female team of astronauts and ground controllers was canceled for lack of a second medium size space suit on the international space station but now.

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