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We were supposed to be in Israel right now or about this time but of course the Krona Virus Kabosh on that so now. We're going in September if you want to join us on this amazing tour with myself and L. Schuch the Israeli archeologist who discovered the pool of Siloam. Right there in the city of David go to cross examine dot or click on events you'll see the VIP tour we're GonNa stay at the best places and see the most amazing sights. I think it's September sixth two seventeenth. If I'm not mistaken. The details are up there. Don't worry about the corona virus. No virus can survive in Israel in the summer in fact very few people can survive in Israel in the summer. So we're all going to be there. We're all going to see some amazing things and it's true when you go to Israel you really. I know it sounds cliche but the Bible does come to life because you can see the topography geography. See where these things happen. Stand where Jesus stood and check it out. Go TO CROSS DOT ORG. Click on events and you will see the VIP Israel tour in September. We're talking TASHA crane her new book talking with your kids about Jesus thirty conversations every Christian parent must have okay. Here's a conversation. We have to have a Natasha. And this is in the book is Jesus God. Well is he. Why didn't he just say God worship me come on at dossier there? Well I in this chapter. I talk about an acronym. Actually that is in a great book called putting Jesus in his place and the author of this book us a fantastic acronym that helpful for kids to learn in. It's called hands so H. A. N. D. S. and it talks about how the Bible shows that Jesus shares number one the honors do God. That's the age number two. He shares the attributes of God. That's the a Jesus shares the names of God that's the end users the deeds that does that's the D. and finally he shares the seat of God's throne that's they asked Acronyms can be really helpful for teaching kids about these things because there's not a place where we would go and we would say okay here all the versus together where Jesus says I am God Fall. Down and worship me instead. We have to really get into all the ways that Jesus claims to be God in these different forms like I just went through with the acronym in the ways that other people claimed that he was God. Because sometimes people would look at this and say Okay. I can see baby. Jesus claimed that farm solve but did anyone else think so. These are kind of two different questions going on here. But when you understand all the different ways that Jesus claims to be God for example just offering to forgive someone other sands which was something that the Jewish people believe only God could do. That is something that Jesus himself was claiming to do this claim to deity. And when you learn all of these different ways it's like an optical illusion when you can't see something at first but then when you see something hidden in the picture you can never unsee it. And that's the analogy. I use in the chapter. Once you learn all of these ways now you cannot read the New Testament in the same way. Now you see these claims to deity in every way. I love that acronym Hands Honors attributes names deeds and seat. Can we just spend a minute or two on seat is that is that the Daniel seven reference there or is it son of man? Is that what he's talking about when they when they use the S for for a for the idea that Jesus is God seat he shares the seat of God. Is that what that is so there are a few different references to that but the authors explain that. Someone's sitting on God's throne and exercising God's ultimate prerogatives is at least a very practical sense. God and I'm just reading from this quote. He they say he occupies God's position and in doing so has the rightful expectation that we respond to him as God himself and so there are a lot of references to this that Jesus is pictured a sitting on God's throne in revelation twenty two Jesus said exercise universal rule over all things and that's language is characteristically used in Judaism to communicate God's unique sovereignty from the surrounding lot verses that reference that and then finally Jesus said to be exalted. Above all of God's heavenly court such as angels and other supernatural powers so this is in a lot of different places and what I love about this too and how the authors do this is that they provide all of these references through all of the acronyms that you can take us. Then you can go with your kids and point to these places in the Bible and that's something that I really wanted to emphasize in the book that it's not learning about our phases and just about taking in what other people are telling us that can actually end up being very dangerous thing because sometimes self identified Christians believe some very non biblical things but rather we wanna keep going back to the Bible itself and showing your kids. Okay here. Here's what we're talking about here is exactly what it says in where it says. So that they get into that habit themselves I also think of when when you said that seats or the seat of God thrown I think of Daniel seven when he said Jesus said you'll see the son of man he kept referring to himself as the son of man coming in great power on the clouds under under oath to this. He says this well. That's a reference to Daniel seven when God is on his throne and Jesus comes in sits there anyway. That would seem to be another way of of pointing out that Jesus is God. Okay the hands acronym. I love that I never knew that that existed until I read your book here and again. The book is called talking with your kids about Jesus by Natasha Crane. And she's my guest today. You're listening to. I don't have enough faith to be an atheist with Frank Turk so the identity of Jesus is one of the sections. We just did a couple of questions there. Let's talk a little bit about the teachings of Jesus before we do Natasha. I think a lot of people focus on Jesus teaching rather than his identity. Why is that now? Obviously is teachings important but they kind of they don't spend enough time on the identity thing in teaching the kids. Let's just talk about what Jesus taught? Be Nice to people that kind of thing when I totally agree with you. I think that parents by and large fight a lot easier to work these conversations into their daily lives. About what did Jesus teach? And he wants us to be nice and he wants us to honor him and respect our parents. It's really easy to communicate those things to your kids but the reality is that if we haven't taken the time to establish who Jesus was as God himself as our creator and our sustain her who has all authority for our lives than our kids aren't really going to care about those teachings that we're talking about they're going to have no reason to really listen and say Yeah. I hear you and I care about this and I'm going to apply it in my life and so we might get away with that for a few years when our kids are really little where they're not going to question while who is this Jesus anyway because that's all they've really heard about but the older they get their more they're going to question and need to understand why there's good reason to believe that. Jesus was God in so we have to start there and that's why the book starts with those chapters on the identity of Jesus because Jesus wasn't who he said he was? The rest of the book doesn't matter we don't have to talk about what his death meant. And we don't have to talk about whether or not he was raised on the dead. If he wasn't God those things are meaningless and so all of this really starts with his identity in establishing it and if he wasn't God then why why follow what he says. As opposed to anybody else I mean. That's really the point. If he really was maybe good. If a good advice good in what sense I mean by what standard who said You said. Jesus said if he's not God and he's not the standard. The apostles weren't God but the apostles were confirmed by Jesus and Jesus promised that he would guide them into all truth so we can accept what they said about. Jesus on the same level that Jesus we accept what Jesus says. I'm reminded of Greg. Coca-cola mutual friend who talks about a tactic. What a friend we have in Jesus meaning that look if somebody asks you a controversial question about something like what do you think a same sex marriage? You can go well. It doesn't matter what I think about it. But here's what Jesus said about it. He said marriage is between a man and a woman. So if you want to argue with that you could argue with. Jesus not me because because what I say. I'm not the standard. It doesn't matter what I say. What matters with Jesus says so? You're absolutely right. We establish identity. And that's what this book will do. We need to establish the identity of Jesus before the teachings really have more weight behind them and how about some of the teachings by the way. Jesus wasn't always nice. That's a myth Natasha. And you point that out. What does he teach about health for example? Is it nice to talk about today? Jesus talks about Hell and you have a you have a chapter on what Jesus taught about. Hell yeah it depends on what you mean by talking about something. That's nice pleasant for us to hear. Well it probably isn't pleasant but isn't the right thing to do. If held is reality absolutely and so I think that parents really struggle with talking about holiday treated like pg thirteen kind of subject. And I've actually had parents tell me before that their kids were getting to be teenagers and they thought it was time that they have a conversation about hell and I just I just really was struck by that when I when I heard of the first time. I've heard so many times sense because parents feel like it's not something that's appropriate but when we look at what Jesus taught about how we see that number one he taught that hell Israel so we have to start their you know sometimes people WanNa say oh. Well maybe it's just you know a metaphor really mean that. Jesus absolutely taught the hell Israel. He taught the hell a punishment after final judgment so a lot of times and I and I quote some of these people on the book. Sometimes people say that while we don't really know if there is a hell or maybe it's just a temporary thing. Jesus specifically taught about it being a punishment after after final judgment in not just some kind of temporary thing in that Matthew Twenty five and then finally he taught the hell is not something to take lightly that this is something. He used very strong words and imagery to reflect this. And we don't necessarily need to take all of those images literally in terms of you know there's fire and and there's darkness a lot of things going on but what we can say is that all of this is meant to tell us that hell is a bad bad thing and we need to pay attention to that so. I think that the parents most need to understand when it comes to subject of how once we've established okay. These are our parameters that were working with that Jesus tie. How do we respond end for Christians? We don't need to feel like we are fearful of Hell because God has given us away out of how he has offered us the free gift of forgiveness so that we will be saved and so our kids need to understand. There's no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Jesus we don't have anything to fear but if you're not in right relationship with God that's when you do have something here and I was come back to that because skeptic so often say that Christianity is a fear based religion will. You shouldn't be fearful if you're in right relationship with God but if you're not then absolutely there is something to fear and I think that that's the reality of of our world what we need to understand about a subject and if there is no hell. What's the purpose of Jesus? What are we saved from? We're not saved from anything. If there is no hell we die. And that's it reason Jesus came was because he he came not to to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. That's what he says in John. Ten forty five a ransom if there's nothing to be saved from then there's nothing a. There's nothing to that statement that Jesus said he came right..

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