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Yeah and you know what he's a so fish motherfucker we saw that on or we saw that when he plays because it's like an audition every single time the game today he lost the ball forty two times which is a record in a champions league match we saw it again against liverpool where he loses the ball he's doing too much on his own feet and not only that he ruins the chemistry the ruins the cohesiveness of the manchester united squad and it's obvious we man chesnut had had a good squad going forward we did not need to bring in alexis sanchez and i think that having alexi sanchez on the squad yes it boosts individual talent yes i'm sure there are some points where alexi sanchez is going to make a difference but he's so fish on the ball he does not look for his teammates he plays wayward passes and in the nine ten games at this point that he's played for manchester united he has scored one goal he is not the answer to united's problems he is not the attacker that manchester united needs he is not the attacker that jose marina was used to is a so fish player and it shows game after game you look at other players around marshall lingered rash furred lukaku there i thought is to look for a pass their first thought is to look to switch the field and what alexi sanchez does he dribbles he dribbles he gets dispossessed and he plays wayward bowls and as united fan i do not did not want him on manchester united squad and i genuinely do not think he brings anything to the team.

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