Jay Jay Green, Robert Young Calton, United States discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP - Target USA -- Ep 74: Robert Young Pelton: The future of terrorism, private armies and tracking Joseph Kony


I'm jay jay green on skype with me is my old friend robert young calton we haven't spoken in a long time but he has been one of the most remarkable and prolific writers and researchers in a very long time to grace the journalistic seen his book called licensed to kill chronicled his time with a team of government hired guns during the war on terror in two thousand three since then he's found himself at the heart of numerous major news stories in the intelligence and terrorism world from us soldier bird bergdorf walking away from its unit into captivity by the taliban to the migrant crisis to isis ended so called caliphate to the notorious terrorist joseph kony of the lord's resistance army he's a smart wellconnected individual who knows how to navigate the shadowy world of terrorism and is able to make sense of some very disparate details to put them together that even authorities who should know don't he talks to us today like i said it's been awhile since we've spoken and your latest adventure was two years as a strategic adviser for the migrant offshore aid station foundation and that sounds just like what it is rescuing people essentially on on the water migrants refugees trying to get some weird because the place they're living in or existing in is in endanger a lot of this has to do with isis we'll get to it in a few minutes but first tell us about your work.

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