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You're more likely in more susceptible to criminal activity to serve as you need right for survival then you are because i guarant i promise you oughta goals i know all the real thugs all the real dope boys and trump and trap boys i know all the real ones they don't want to be doing right looking for a way out pillock is only kids that come from the suburbs and sixfigure homes in parents who gonna be apartment in light at think is cold do that stuff that's cool they do it for two for the rare they do it for the name now a lot of folks that are doing to survive you know and so the thing is like like is school to prison pipeline i know that there was a i don't know if it was a factual or not but i do recall like statistic floating around a couple years back saying that the state of mississippi determine how many beds it was going to need for prison based on how many black males failed tests and i don't know i don't have any don't have anything to back that up with validity of it but given the history of america and how we've been over policed in the police aren't occupying force in our communities couple with all of the other things that sink to keep the cycle of abject poverty going in couple that with the food deserts and all sorts of other things that go into keeping black people relegated to second glasses in ship in this country.

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