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Described. Are you in a forest. What we're wearing the forest so you know are brownish. So they're like the leafs and see them. They're very camouflage second game for like a treasure hunt almost and they grow the by the roots but still dolittle had sticking out. So if you have good ice you see it. Usually you bring in a little stick. Because it's easier to kind of uncovered the leaves around and it's also very important to know what is good and what is a bad mushroom because if you don't know what you're picking you can literally kill somebody because you can poison them. You have to be careful with your children. absolutely they. they always asked is the right one. They went they got they founded. They're wrapping kids man. They always ask. Just what are your memories of mushrooms in urban mountain flowers. I have very limited memory about finding mushrooms because they'd actually find any. My boys are way more accessible with herbs. Tina's the expert at so. I just pick whatever she tells me to pick because it's it's a science on. Its own as well. You know we have to know what to pick and went to pick it I mean it's being out being out with the family and then you know you bring a little something home which was then amodio. Nice walk in the forest in the winter out and of course with your you know. If you're in the julian alps martino who called earlier was talking about the julian alps. You can stumble on a lot of world war one history up. There is the so chip. The social front was in the julian. What was the search difference is a conflict between italy and the also get an empire. The goal of italy's to conquer slimming conquer vienna but because of their way of they got stuck. High up in suan ops. So it's still considered as one of the biggest modern battles in human history We have chemistry writing. Federal to arms about arms by. Hemingway was set on the search of yes. He was an ambulance driver. An ambulance driver for the italian military. Okay was wounded but the it is set in our area. Some of the village in world war one. We're talking nineteen sixteen or something you've got people up on top of the mountain living in the living in the rock there. It's like you had the western front where they dug trenches here. You've got desperate. People parked out on rocks on top of mouse in desperate call the highest the highest peak that they were fighting on his two thousand two hundred and forty four meters above sea level. That would be two thousand two hundred. What seven thousand over. Seven thousand feet plenty high nine meters of snow in the winter. Nineteen sixteen is still considered as the worst winter regarding the amount of snow. We got in recorded history so and finally when you're in slovenia there is a lot of mountains but there's also a lot of caves. What what might you see in caves tina. When you're in slovenia we say that in our car. Strean cars k. a. r. s. k. a. r. s. t. Yes our car street in is so rich with underground world that you see more under the ground than up the ground. There's over ten thousand caves. You can see stalagmites stalactites. Stalagmites are those that go from the ground and stuck sites from the from the ceiling right when they joined together. It's a column and they are just wonderful. They are beautiful. These are massive caves in slovenia. That are like yeah. There's big as a stadium. Got these rivers way down below these little walkways way above the distance. You see a portal and the latest pouring in us and you feel like. You're you're a bit player in some scifi movie. Oh it almost feels like that and then when you see some of the animals that live in those caves like the human fish which is considered does the little dragon The human fish human fish. I've never xp a little bit of human fish because of the color of the skin and it casts like legs and arms sticking out of the body. But it's like a gecko okay. And he's a creature creature that lives inside of the cave and Above all of that Honeycombed subterranean you've got vineyards in some very trendy wine a. We do have some really good wine in our country. There's a lot to see and slovenia. This is travel with rick steves. We've been talking with tina and sasha goop. Let's finish our discussion of natural straw. Vena just with one special natural experience that you'd think anybody planning a trip to your homeland would want to be sure to enjoy. I'm gonna say hike indigent jobs for people who are fit willing to invest a certain amount of their time into just this phenomenal views of his. I would say a hike in the judean. Yuliana and tina and i would probably choose. Well same. sasha julian alps. But since i wanna go into another zone goodish kebir adia is amazing. That's very close to cars and it's an area that has rolling hills. Looks like a skinny beautiful nature. Amazing food and amazing wine. Now let's make sure people know gory showed research but at the g. o. r. s. k. a. and b. rda. Now i was taught you have to have a vowel. And this is a two syllables. Lazy with greece. Burda and it's It's it's just a beautiful. It's also another winegrowing. Region lang growing region is a beekeeping region. It's just it's beautiful. You've got everything you're looking for Mckesson got your and you got your beautiful slovenian countryside Can we finish just with. Teach me a phrase or a slovenian word that i should know what i'm hiking in those mountains Always absolutely risk have to greet people on the threes. so i would say dober- don dove giants good afternoon afraid student. Good day good. After logan in china and when you will be resting an alpine hut you'll probably have some schnaps. You need to know how to say cheers. not that aalyah I like the nostra. Same russian similar similar. Yeah nasdaq via yes. And don't forget to look into people's eyes when toast with them because they can. I make it a little bit melodramatic. Can i go nostra. You can yes okay or does that salting.

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