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So yeah so i grew up watching almost exclusively old movies i think also made me hate nazi salat if that really like watching katherine katherine hepburn and spencer tracy in keeper of the flame a not very good movie that nobody watches probably submitted by fear of bashes in the us so so surprising to me when i got older and stowed blushing silent movies and i realized that character actually would say the equivalent of fuck you to each other almost constantly it was mind blowing for me i love it when their periods like that where it seems like society willfully regresses i've read about history all the time i don't understand why you would ever want to go backwards it's it's bad all the way down there's only got in better has the desire always been to write about history or was this something that you sort of discovered as you went that's a good question i don't think if you asked me when i was a child if it was what i wanted to write about i would have said it was what i wanted to write about think again in some ways it sort of came down to what i was good at i started to realize a lot of people were reading this thing that i wrote about history it seemed to be what agents were expressing interested if a million people had wanted to be my ratings on alzheimer's and alzheimer's research i'm sure i would have written a book about that at the same it's great i think there are also other things i could have written about that would have made me very happy such as alzheimer's research my told you about my the piece that i will never get to write my five thousand word defense of hustle puffins in harry odor for the atlantic i was gonna say you're going to have to this is a question that i had explicitly written down summarize your feelings on hoffa puff is the best hogwarts house and be prepared to defend your position very been waiting my whole life this moment okay okay so bristol i think if anybody thinks about the way that they go about their daily life they realize that huffily only hosts they would want to be because okay think about what all the houses do on tape friday slithering they're having an orgy it it's like a weird orgy for people are left out bathroom and fun it's it's a sad already raping claw i don't know those guys are nerds like they probably doing web experiment giving lavish payments are there in the math letes or something they're learning how to code good for them because those kids probably read what like a ten year old level so i'm glad if they're reading a book but that's how it's boring griffin doer fight fight club all the way not just beating other out four five and sport and it's normal pizza party every friday they read a booth that's fun that's cool to people people could go to they're host who are is entirely defined by the idea of being accepted and being kind and being oil and the older i get the more i feel like those virtues for which everything else should spring and i'm sure there are people in the world we live in now who would be like well they weren't accepting towards the death eaters were no they weren't because hustled off lost the most students of anyone during the final battle and you can say that's because they're not good at fighting but i think that's because people who build their lives around kind of loyalty will fight when they see a violation of those things until the bitter end i think they have the hearts of champions that such a wholesome way to look at it i i totally disagree i agree with everything that you said but i mean it just would be and so much more exciting to be anywhere else i think astle and i think the probably is something that's not true being an asshole like no one but you but you could also be an asshole is a hustle puff no if your whole deal is all that one thing you can't be you can cultivate eighty virtues that you want and it look cedric dig ary it seems like you could be pretty cool but if your core value is we are kind than think you can't go too far wrong i think everything else like you can be brave and that.

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