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Right we're back for the debate. Okay you ready for this. I am ready for this well before we start our debate. I i wanted to mention a few things about mary. Todd lincoln and spiritualism. You certainly talked a little bit about it but You know. I wanted to just talk about specifically the time That were referencing. The civil war was really a big moment for spiritualism yes because so many people weren't allowed to be with their family members when they passed absolutely you know they were away and they never even got to. You know even see the body or any of that and so spiritualism became this way of getting that final last word absolute with someone that they lost So i think that was a big piece of it and so it really wasn't unusual. You know that mary. Lincoln sought out mediums. We have proof that she read books on spiritualism you know i mean obviously you just went. Through how many losses she suffered and but also just again that it was. It was not unusual at the time. i mean. at least it wasn't like it was everybody believed i mean. Certainly people ridiculed in washington circles and And all that but you know there is absolutely proved that she had sand says at the white house that lincoln was present for at least some of them and You know whether or not anything happened at those. That's what we're going to debate. But you know it. Wasn't you know if you could imagine that today. I think it would be a more scandalous thing than it was. Then i think more what was scandalous is. Actually people were upset with her. Because they're like. Hey you at least got to be with your son when he passed away in your husband when he passed away. I didn't get to do that so they're probably heard her a lot as well. Yeah you know. And i you had mentioned a a story about One time that lincoln are that abe was was fed up with the whole notion and like tried to disprove it. And we're going to definitely talk about that. Okay yeah good story. It is a good story. So i just wanted to mention a few quotes that i found from mary..

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