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After the friday practice reports from matthew bats are injury expert. But today's the day to look for for josh jacobs. Right and trade of now. Try to benjamin. This week i would pit. He's playing pittsburgh and yeah he already. He looked banged up last week. Down swift angela. Jamaal williams were both limited on thursday. groin injury for the andre. Swear i imagine that. I hope that is maintenance from the early part of the offseason. That is what it seems. Like because i haven't heard any new news of of reogranization and The great personality and football. Jamal williams limited to a chest injury. You guys saw the clip. I'd right it multiple times because it's so fabulous. I have not the so for those who don't know what we're talking about. There's a clip. They're asking jamal about him. Changing teams and hughes's this whole metaphor about how he's like. I didn't choose to leave. They don't me but they didn't want me. But now i got i got a new relationship. They're feeding me. They're taking care dinners. He's just such a delightful man. I i recommend everyone try and find the jamaal. Williams clip will fuller is out in week. Two of the personal issue. The the missed practice yesterday was due to personal reasons. Not not due to an injury so He won't be here in week. Two due to the personal situation. I don't know any more than that. Hollywood brown returned to practice after missing wednesday and thursday with an ankle injury. That's good Maybe takes watkins off the board as a spot start. Johnny smith limited in practice on thursday with a hip situation. You don't love mid week situations but let's pay attention today. Jamison crowder was activated But limited to groin injury. So man. I mean i. It's always interesting when somebody's activated from injured reserve or kovic list and all of sudden you're still hurt or you got hurt during that time zakar. It's limited on thursday I think he's playing. And then trae sermon will be active for week. Two against the eagles. Thank you for clearing that up. Forty niners yeah. It is something that anybody asked about elijah. Yeah we're gonna. We're gonna sit elijah this week. That would be difficult for me. Emotionally difficult for the entire fantasy. Football world Trae sermon should run behind elijah. Yes and as somebody who paid ninety one dollars for the missile her. I hope he fumbles that wrong to say you horry sermon from madison. Because what you put out in the world that you hope that allies of is what. I'm sorry i do not yourself. Yeah yeah that was. Today's news and notes brought to you by the leader in breaking news. Alerts sleeper grabbed the sleeper app You probably have it because you probably plan league on there but if you don't get level yeah yeah. You're playing in the mega i am. I team is looking good. I went zero. Rv and i added elisa mitchell. And you're having a good time ghanzi rb. It's been a good experience really fun into the forecast dan. Se forecast bengals bears. Texans browns rams colts bills-dolphins patriots jets. Forty niners eagles all on yesterday. Show so if you want those matchups You're not gonna find him here. You're gonna find him on that excellent show from yes We was so good. It was alright. Nine games left raiders heading to pittsburgh to take on the steelers draft king sportsbook line steelers minus six and a half over unders. Forty seven points in this game raiders with the very predictable week. One win against baltimore steelers. They survived their defense special teams and not a lot from buffalo. So looking at this game he got short. Rest for the raiders. They have to travel east on paper. The steelers should mop the floor with them right. You should correct. Take care of your home field and take care of this game and then you have a situation with all the offense of pieces in las vegas because you're facing a a tremendous defense that slowdown much better offense in buffalo last week. So josh jacobs you're looking to pivot. I'm not chasing brian edwards or henry rugs in this matchup agreed. I mean there's one man one.

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