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And. Yeah, as far as trustworthiness not that I don't know that that's all say about that. No, man. It's it's fair game. Especially a rival you got like those guys. I mean, I don't know if I soon grant Williams will come back next year his draft stock not too high. But I could see him leaving after junior year. He's got like the he's got like, the Cato Bates the thing going on where it's like, I mean, I could come back next year because I know I'm not going to be a first round pick. But at the same time, I am going to win converts player of the year. I'm going to be a first team all American like my really going to get that much better. If I come back for my senior year, Tennessee, so maybe there's some part of that was like. Fuck it. This is my last game on this court. It Scofield's a senior grant Williams junior. Maybe they're both just like screw it. Let's both gator chomp them and talk shit, and we'll never have to come back to the Gainesville gin. And I respect it. That's cool. That's five anything. Really those two guys can do anything I would defensive I love both of them. So. Exactly they're there to lovable guys in the end of the day. If you are a Florida fan or your tendency fan, it's good for that rivalry to get spark back with something like that. You know, what I mean exactly like they want that to be an actual rivalry Mike white wants that to be a team that they don't like and they don't like to play and that people wanna tune into watch. Because you never know what's going to happen in the Tennessee Florida game. So that's sort of a I don't know it kind of plays into that a little bit too. So we need the drama. We want the drama, and I enjoyed the drama and now we have to get to the real dramatics. And that is our Bagai the week Mark Titus who is your nutbag guy. I want you to go first because you're you're very excited about this before we got we started wearing you. You're you're very very excited to talk about your bag. I so I want you to go. I I wanna make sure we have plenty of time to cover your guy. Please state the flow of yours here. It is. It's Bryce drew in. It's the Vanderbilt Commodores, and you were just talking about you need to team SEC. The matter teams that people wanna talk about. And I mean, I'm gonna call him. Daddy, drew because daddy daddy. Drew's got bags the fucking throw out there. The world and. This is the big story this week. So he gets Scottie Pippen son to go. And I mean, not not to say that you know, Scotty, Pippin son is light in the world up. I think he ends up just being like a three star prospect or whatever, but they talked to Bryce drew there. Owen three in the SEC. They lose a Kentucky. They're doing the post game. And he can't talk about specifically about Scotty Pippin, I guess guide who had been junior. I think he actually has been junior and he gets asked about it. But he's smiling. He's doing the people were bringing up the when they lost Belmont. He was smirking. You know, invades the Bryce drew smirk. He's just like a happy guy because recruiting is going..

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