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He's going to be in a big media on on tv all the time and everything when it comes to especially being on hard knocks mean i could've told you put so much money i would have put on the fact that the if there was a hard knocks was going to be the bank brown's obviously you could narrow it down with the what the criteria you have for the nfl comes teams are required to be on harden our have an option to be on hard knocks they're like you can't have basically if you haven't made the playoffs within two or three years and then if you have a if you don't have a first year head coach or if you haven't been hard knocks within the last four five years as well so you're exempt new head coach if you've been the ploughs within the last two years or or if you've been hard now to the last within the last three or four years you don't have to your exempt basically all the other teams are not exempt so basically those teams were like the niners i think the the ravens are on there the browns the jets were on there because they haven't they don't have a new coach that made the playoffs but i bet baker mayfield's on this team they had two first round picks they got two guys really highlight also i mean who was that the guy debord then's award from allow states great great name guy he'll be looking at i'm sure a lot during this a hard knock season but i mean these preseason games they're gonna beginning giants and playing the bills eagles browns playing each other and lines in the preseason so we'll get those during hard knocks but then looking at their season schedule the actually matter we'll see if baker actually is going to be playing week one against the steelers at home.

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