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People. For example I was reading homeless. People are are still on streets. They're not receiving any money. Because there's nobody to panhandle from you know and they can't even scavenge for food because The fast food restaurants are closed. There's there's there's no food in the back I suppose maybe in the back lots of supermarkets. They're still open. But we're going to go. And there are sharing these. That are providing food for the homeless. But they have to also respect the social distancing. So there's like these very very very long lines of people homeless we have to respect social distancing. And it's IT'S A it's a humanitarian disaster or a series of levels right. You don't even think about it if and when we we get out of this and I'm Gonna I'm GonNa definitely hope we got us. It's going to be interesting to look back at how the homeless population was affected by this and also the lower economic end of people in pressure the spans every country. Because I mean we're already seeing it here when I started to hit you know and and you start hearing about all these athletes getting tested positive right. There's there's quite a few. But the fact that they were getting these these very limited tests these athletes who are in peak health condition probably on the lower end of of risk for the most part. They're all having access to to the test and the test is as I understand. It is like the key component controlling this to knowing where it's coming from and where it's going and who hasn't who doesn't in our at least in this country the biggest holdup really is the is having tests available for people who invested all that. So I'm GONNA I can only assume it's partly because I'm because I'm jaded. I don't trust the government as it is is going to be to look back five years from now all the all the cards around the table and we see what what had really went down How how much economic position or social position allowed to get tested entreated versus those who didn't have it who were who were deemed expendable at the time. What's going on in La Right now? Is that what's happening there because they've got an enormous homeless both enormous and it was. It's so bad that over last year or so. We were already hearing about all these. You know strange diseases and stuff were reoccurring things that haven't been around for years so I can only and that compounded with you know drug use issues and things that are that have plagued the homeless. They're in all over anyway. That all just kind of compounds the issue here not to mention. There's that that thing in people's heads like other homeless Fuck Them. You know that kind of thing. Yeah but even if it's like they're homeless fuck them. It's like it's let let let's take it from the least human point of view for. Let's say that you do not think homeless people deserve anything you know. They're they're failures. That rejects. It's all their fault. You know there's a laws presented went through the bill away just rights Atlit. Let's take it from that point of view. It's imagine I'm that type of person. Okay even there. You still have to look at them like pigeons. If you've got so many sick pigeons eventually those sick pigeons are going to make you sick right right so it's not even it's not even. I mean even from that point of view. You still have to take care of the situation. Yeah you know what I mean. How they choose to take care of those is kind of what terrifies me. And you are are are not as as Conspiratorial as I am knowing we argued a law about that you know I think the opposite of in fact during that podcast. We were having with cloud I actually said. Sh actually said John. You're basically the opposite of conspiracy theorist you're like you believe the government is always.

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