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You're listening to morning edition on KOA DFM San Francisco Laurent KK FM north highlands, Sacramento. It's eight o'clock. The apparent death of journalists Jamal kashogi as his editors at the Washington Post decided to publish his last column, it's morning edition from NPR news. piece can show G argues that one Arab nations attacked the press. There are no longer consequences. Instead there is silence. I'm Noel king. And I'm Rachel Martin this hour how Saudi Arabia maybe trying to protect their crown prince from fallout after kashogi Jesus appearance. The on again off again Brexit negotiations. They have stalled again over the border in Ireland. And after nearly fifty years the man who gave life to big bird on Sesame Street hangs up. This feathers. It's Thursday, October eighteenth actor singer Zack Ephron turns thirty one years old today. The newscast is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. NF ghanistan the police chief of Kandahar province has been killed by his own bodyguards. The provincial intelligence chief was also killed in the local governor was wounded the attack and Kanter car came as they attended a meeting with senior US military officials. The BBC's cylinder Kumari has more general of the resort was chief of police in Kandahar province and a powerful opponent of the Taliban. According to local media reports he was killed in a shooting targeting a meeting at the governor's house in Kandahar city. And number of other senior, Afghan officials are said to have been injured the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan is believed to have been at the meeting, but is unharmed. The thought about had claimed responsibility for the attack comes amid escalating violence ahead of Saturday's elections. The BBC's cylinder Kumari the first of some three thousand Honduran migrants travelling north pass through Guatemala and reached the Mexican border. Order angering President Trump reemerging report, Guatemalan and US. Authorities are trying to discourage them from travelling further the leader of the migrants March former Honduran lawmaker bottle of this was arrested in what the mullahs as President Trump threatened to cut off US aid to any Central American country that didn't stop the March still hundreds of migrants have made their way to the Mexican border. The US ambassador to what the Malawi Saratoga issued a statement in Spanish urging the migrants to return LA Frontera styles. O'neil's new is style. Amada the US border has never been so protected, but those who tried to enter illegally will be arrested and deported. He added. He understood people flee to lack of opportunities and that the US is investing millions of dollars to change that for NPR news. I'm Marie Martin. President Trump heads back to Montana today for another campaign rally. It's his third visit to the state since July as Montana public radio's Eric Whitney reports Trump is supporting the Republican who is hoping to take a Senate seat away from Democrats, the president will appear in Missoula famously liberal enclave in his stake. President Trump won by twenty points. A counter rally is being held seven miles away. While Republicans are popular in Montana democratic Senator Jon tester won't be easy to beat. He's raised more than four times as much money as his Republican opponent. Matt Rosendahl Rosendahl TV ads feature clips of the president's earlier Montana campaign stops. John.

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