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Who knows right i mean on the extreme level analysis like i you know i've been parts of the groups or sometimes like i could see some some person freeze framing and leg calculating how fast the pieces design these removed when they got cross the barrier and would tell you how many kila jewels of magical force it was brief but in the end of this like this you know that works in star trek in star wars i don't know that in even star wars it doesn't really work for calculating the force right soul idol i don't know like maybe they'll be something that that that answers all this may begin would be kinda cool of that it ends up being a strategy i got his come of that at the top of my head but like what if the white walker show up with dry tribute as loaded up with dead horses and dudes and they get flung the other side and just start their like living missiles i'd be kinda cool yeah i don't i honestly can't answer the question it's hard to even speculate because magic i thought it was pretty amazing seen osher talking about the gods and other talking and how the brand dismissed it is only the wind rate win seemed like the first thing i thought of as his interactions with his father like you know our joy at the tower of joy in the the the three i'd raven said well it's it's just the wind will you put our season one hat back on that kind of is very internally conclusive proof that no no he's actually having a real effect on on what's going on in the past seems like an could be i mean the the usage of the words identical.

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