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I cannot even tell you i'm so happy tuned in this is our crowd sourced episode as you know we crowd source the last episode of every series when i kind of put it out to you like who do you know who are your people who who should we hear from in this particular conversation who who's your wonderful try so we asked who has a great summer story like who's a summer person we should talk to and you guys came back with the perfect summer thing it's a couple named darren stacy smith and you guys they have worked at the same christian summer camp for more than thirty years closer to forty this is the same camp where they met and ultra got married as too much i don't want to give too much way because it's all just so precious but i was delighted when their daughter abby nominated her parents and said wait this my parents are literally quintessential summer people they have run a summer camp for my entire life so stacey daryl from bellingham washington their way up in the pacific northwest and they've been a part of this christian camp organization called the furs since nineteen eighty five in fact in the story they told us their first time when they were both on summer staff and met with nine hundred seventy nine so all my gosh you guys so they offer all kinds of camp and child care programs not just throughout the summer which is their main time throughout the year as well and by the way we'll have links to everything that they do with their wonderful camp at john hetman hat maker dot com over under the podcast tab so this place is like the classic picturesque camp setting i mean think of every movie that you've ever seen set in a summer camp this.

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