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Andy slamet senior adviser the white house cova nineteen response team and jeff zion's white house covid nineteen response coordinator. The group provided updates on the state of the vaccine rollout would slap at noting that the scientists voucher will and nunez smith intentionally provided updates on the data and science of emerging mutant viruses. I it was just refreshing to have a press conference in which the discussion was based on evidence. And we didn't hear any outrageous things says dr carlos del rio executive associate dean of emory school of medicine who listens to the briefing. During his presentation slavic noted that the biden administration did not inherit a fully developed strategy or infrastructure to make vaccines readily available to americans as quickly as they need to be. That's already changing. He sat as this week. Thanks to the team's new actions the federal government shipped one million vaccines on average a day. The necessary target to meet the president's goal of vaccinating one hundred million people in his first one hundred days in office at also said the federal emergency management agency committed one billion dollars to support state vaccination sites including mobile sites to help reach more people in the current priority. Groups you're either reticent to come to hospitals or have difficulty reaching them that includes addressing current inequities in healthcare access that are having particularly devastating effects on people of certain racial and ethnic backgrounds who have been disproportionately affected by covid nineteen. Nunez smith said members of her task force whose job it is to advise about the best ways to address these disparities especially with respect to vaccination will be formed soon. We cannot beat the pandemic without making sure we execute a plan that reaches all communities. She said the. Us centers for disease control and prevention is integral to success on that front will linski biden's new pick to head. The nation's public health organization summarized the sobering covid nineteen situation in the us and the urgent need to vaccinate the public. Though most of the major metrics daily infections hospitalizations and deaths have been decreasing. Recently she said expanding safe and effective vaccination is the key to ending the covid nineteen pandemic and bringing our country back to health. That she noted does not mean following in the footsteps of the uk where health officials recently decided to delay the second dose of the current to dose vaccines in order to get more people. There i shot instead. Will linski reiterated. Cdc advice that people get their second dose twenty one or twenty eight days after their. I if it's the pfizer bio intech or moderna vaccine respectively. Cdc also strongly recommends that people not mix and match vaccines from the two companies found. She provided a deeper look at the latest understanding of the three sars. Cuvee two mutations that have been of concern of late first reported in the uk south africa and brazil respectively and have all since been found in us patients in a study published on bio archive a pre print server that releases scientific studies before they are peer reviewed vaccine maker madonna and its collaborators at the us national institute of allergy and infectious diseases reported that after testing antibodies generated by people vaccinated with its shot. It was confident that its vaccine protected against the uk end. South african variants the level of viral neutralizing activity was slightly lower against the south african version. But as foul she noted it is still well within the cushion of protection. you could diminish vaccine induced. Antibodies efficacy by a few. Fold and still be well within the protective range with the vaccine. Researchers are still studying the brazilian variant which was identified more recently. And don't know yet how strongly immune responses to that mutant are the more worrying problem. These mutants pose found. She said is that they may reduce the efficacy of drug treatments. Targeted at neutralizing. the virus. The south african strain in particular has changes in areas that current drugs target so scientists are keeping a close watch..

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