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Sports leader Chad Millman head of media joins us bottom of the hour he's been a Phil lines hi would you say we could use more social be on the show I like to percent agree with you that's fine that's that's cruise rocking tunes list right there you're listening to is our was while it is I I get some rap for you later in the show they have nice I know your rap and I would definitely go see right if they were out there playing the fair circuit or smaller venue yeah we looked at concerts today and I was so bummed a guide to get the differ once all Ticketmaster will send me an email here is a concert for you to check out so of course is that me the tool concert down in San Jose and of the mantis us so bomb that I can't go so I there is also news soon if you choose to go in that direction yeah I told him I like on a bomb threat today I can't I can't pull that one off so they look I've already said it so even if I think about doing it now I can't do it's of a pre empt a preemptive strike on myself just a thought about Conor bomb threats I go to the concert war game that night so I'll be fine I mean dot dot to to be there so be fun to watch him play I haven't seen him play but others can't buy him last night he speaks Spanish we found out that as well so we can do everything he pretty damn good gosh look sauce so I of course I'm a glutton as I go I know I can go but I wonder what kind of seats available so what looked and it was like one of those things really click on like all your mind two thousand people are heavy as I just put it on on chrome and I forgot about it for like two hours and I went back it was it was checked already clicked on sago wonder would it be okay let me check and they were expensive they were like super cheap there like four hundred Bucks but it was like fourth row you get fourth row center Mike hi I'm a ghost or drink it now you know it's early but on the third ranking that's like god dang it dang dang dang dang dang because we're talking about it like Fresno with this because they're going to be and I was like I'm not going to Fresno the San Jose has like all I San Jose I'm I'm definitely in for this war no I'm not no I'm not in for some open maybe at some point there's the circle record circle back around or come back in in play he's got a plan I hope so but the the one you brought a rod Lori Lori lake we're going to see this and I was like we are she's like yeah we definitely upper motley Crue poison Joan Jett she goes we're going to that one I'm like I guess we're going to them so thank you for watching along is also you there will be worth it although to be incredible and then silver some pick up the committed towns and we watch them play a big fan of Silversun pickups but anyway so if I come in to work on the fourteen and if you let it happen down the listen to me doing the warder game and then just stay and and if I may for many abbreviated that means that they're sort of drinking like really really early because I was just like going to how bad love to go see those guys tonight duly noted I like it a lot my job I do a live call were again is fun but I got I got like forty one of those the day you're going to get to do throughout the course of the year and no no dream well tonight by the way warriors jazz I saw that your past calls like he he is he's the denim of his hip and always have been bothering him but the last the last couple games I don't know if they have figured him out a little bit or and I told him this because I know this the because I've been on on on that end of it when they when they start paying attention to you right then it becomes a whole different the whole different ballgame bad I think they might be panicked and still now like Hey this guy's pretty good we're gonna start paying attention a little bit and things get a little bit tougher and I think with him right now the the shots are tougher because you guys are on there I mean guys are on him and it's hard for him to get off the clean look as he's going up against guys are six eleven sixty hand laying that Jackson junior for the Grizzlies was out there on a couple games ago and then you had some bigger guys on him for the neck so it's tough for man I mean when you're by the guys out there you can just kind of cruise like I loved it when I when I had to be made to Chris and all those guys around it was beautiful well that let them draw the attention of the stand up there and to jump shots but boy when they went to the bench or maybe all hot one game it was not easy it was like cool this is what that's like I don't like this I just want to stand here to jump at that easy when you move up on the team's white board when you move up on his back in the day time we never played it was they still had chalk boards well when you when they're talking about okay this is what we need to do tonight this is who we need to pay attention to and when they write that up there on the grease board on the white board when you move up that means that you are going to get more and more attention and I would think especially when the angel Russell's not plan that aired paschal is right at the top of the right all of the white board Hey listen this then do we need to pay it to to do yeah everybody that's all the chords dangers Bob other NBA player but right now this guy paschal is their best player we need to pay attention to him so if he if Russell not plan passed because at the top of the white board it rose lose play in Pasco moved down and out either way they know who you are and they know that they're going to pay attention to you and then what do you know what what's your counter what's your other move what else can you do when they start to take away you know your favorite move or they they move you off of your favorite spot and Waller paschal has learned how to play basketball the Villanova learn how to play for four years he still rookie so now he got to figure out was was my backup plan was well the move and maybe is inter maybe is not but now you get everybody's attention here to go to the right trust me eat you when you were me you don't want people read your scouting report not at all I mean what if one anyway but you did you just want to like move along like the okay Chris does this this good as is okay because there's always guys you're just like that I'm not gonna readers got a report because that that ma'am not that important that was me is a guys did I'm sure that he read my scouting report what would you miss scored like eight nine points a game but like when they go a couple guys in foul trouble and I've been going good like a member I remember there is one week average like that on a seventeen eighteen points in the week and by about the fourth fifth game after I was like people like paying attention ago was kinda sucks and go back to a given seven eight points again as much left was list here did you notice a difference away also defending well taken you're stronger hand making you go there and it it is pay more attention to you like they're going to close out on you quicker and and harder they're not going to give you as much room because when I scored I had a game and I've been I've talked about this game before because it was both the most fun game that I've had the most frustrating game when I was with the Charlotte we played our our land we play Charlie and I had eighteen eighteen eighteen points in the first fifteen minutes of the game remember there's like nine and a half but it's up to the same quarter in art at eighteen and I seriously thought I get forty I ran to the bench and Steve was will with the matter to the time to do that forty tonight I guess is incredible I can't miss is like nine for and I was just straightening everything and I did get another shot for late into the fourth quarter like four minutes left this next shot I got so I got I got to get I used by my own team and then they paid attention to me like Larry Johnson the guy I'd that's enough and I was like yeah he was just you know you catch the ball he's on you they don't like kinda you know lolly gag out to you on the close of the like okay I'm on you now what he got and like they're ready to play D. so you go one way it's like they their bus there but to get in front of you and challenge shot so it's not as easy as that say it can't be done I mean I'm pretty sure I could have scored a few more buckets if I was given the chance but I wasn't so it's this funny then the game a good damn idea forty ended with eighteen see those yeah that's what yeah the same court I go yeah I know I didn't even get a lot of opportunities after that it's kind of funny I was going to better but I was going to do it they grew kinda laughing at it a little bit until medical because one time as like the highest ever been maybe in a in a game in subject condensed period of time and only had like one play go if we were in that play does not just keep doing you're doing that's fine your best I guess the one play the whole time I was in our land does like now you're good disease keep doing what you're doing well we have something here you're not good enough to have to play I like you yeah actually in the role your hand you don't notice hello this is it like I've told people to use an example probably Allen Iverson who great with that they didn't didn't you the best percentage like he was a forty one forty two percent shooter was in the most efficient shooter still great player but people used to get on him because you know a for twenty five a for twenty six and I'm the same way it's like dude if you can hit like the at least forty five percent your shots maybe should be sued them but it's a it's a you have to be really really good to get a twenty five shots it'd be a gap it's not hard it meets that easy to get up twenty five so that's good you think I'll get twenty five shots yeah I mean if you just come down to go Metallurg lemon the whole time you get a BA eighty shots if you want to be gonna make two of them and get rid of the building but if you're trying to get like quality sites are clue what you think might be a quality shot it's difficult to get a twenty five shots I mean those dudes are really good they can get up twenty twenty five shots in a basketball game because one if you get up that many shots they're paying attention to you and if they're paying attention to you you've got to be is somewhat of a bad **** just bill to get off those type of shots because again you could just take shots for this they could take a job but everybody's taking shots at the big can make whether they're right or not a lot of times they're not they're low percentage shots put to get off that many shots eight these guys are with every day it's ridiculous yeah I remember who was it against I can remember was in maybe Sharon is when I was reared I used to double up and down the court going to work my ball handling and just get the ball past half court was a chore like against guide and he was a really really good defender but is really strong they'd get out the but you get guys like you to Jordan was one of the best ever defensively Kobe was really good early in his career guys like that Scotty Pippen I mean I play against Jordan and and tip and I just gets the border they switched out of me I was like somebody could get this before they take it from him because Abby as like if I put on the ground I mean I.

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